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When Procol Harum's 1977 album was reissued as a two disc box set this signed art card was included with initial orders. Unfortunately I never saw a live PH concert but have been a fan since day one. Was thrilled when they came to A&M in '68.


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Mr Bill

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The Amazing Johnathan has died at 63
I'm saddened by this news. I saw him a few times and he was hilarious. ABout a decade ago he retired claiming he had a heart condition and onlty a year to live. He dieted andthrough the magic of medicine, he got better and returned to performinng, even though he still had the condition...

My favorite lines include him calling out , "Does anyoine has a lighter?" After which many would be thrown onto the stage to which he'd reply, "Thanks! Mine was empty" as he'd gather them up and add them to bucket full of lighters, and proceed with his act.

Another greaat line was he's bring a female audience member on stage as he prepared a trick with a bird. He's ask her to kiss the bird, and (as you'd expect) they'd recoil in disbelief. He's then say, "What? You've never kissed a parakeet?" They'd shake their head 'No' and he'd deliver the sexual double entendre, "But I bet you've kissed a Cockatoo!"

Beyond the comic one liners, he was also a terrific magician!

--Mr Bill


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Sad news. I always liked Ms. Kellerman. She was a big part of MASH, and appeared in THE OUTER LIMITS on TV. But I mostly remember her from her role in the Burt Bacharach musical version of LOST HORIZON.

AM Matt

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Also former lead singer of Grand Funk Railroad, Mark Farner did a tribute to her called "Sally" (from 1976 "Born To Die") with former Wet Willie's singer Jimmy Hall playing harmonica. Went to # 69 (Billboard Hot 100) in March of 1976. (audio only)
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