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    Richard, you may recall I sent you and Janis a digital copy of the old Going Thing album along with a ton of pics I had.
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    Richard--While we all remember Janis as an incredibly talented and gifted singer, your powerful and moving LA Times obituary tells it all, that is, Janis was wonderful human being with a heart of gold. God bless Janis, you, and your family.
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    Richard--I have posted a forum link below with two photos of Janis associated with the A&M Family Portrait album from 1967. Scroll down to page 2 and you will see one color photo with Janis holding an umbrella in back and another color photo with Janis standing behind Herb Alpert by a picnic table showing all the A&M recording artists from 1967. I am a sentimentalist so these photos are priceless time capsules of the golden days of A&M records. I hope you enjoy seeing them!
    Family Portrait
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  4. In 2015, on (page 3 of) the Family Portrait thread -- a copy of (one of those) photos was posted by Harry, but it is no longer online (Photo Bucket).

    Family Portrait
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    ...which is why I just reposted them here.
  6. Oh, I see, it's the same print. I was hoping for an even better print of the 2nd photo -- around the picnic table -- if possible. I wonder if anyone has the original negatives. Now, that would be special. Furthermore, maybe there are some more shots from that same session.
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    Here is a terrific "near a cappella" version of Janis Hansen singing "The Look of Love" from the original Brasil 66 recording. There is also an imaginative recreation of the 45 record sleeve featuring three photos of Janis.

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  8. Fantastic! What a great tribute to Janis.

    In a way, the cover image rectifies the fact that the actual picture sleeve of the 1968 single release featured a photo of the new line-up (who did not play on the recording) -- which included, in particular, Janis's replacement.

    == re: the Audio ==
    This isn't drawn from the original multi-track master tapes. (Who knows if those can even be found!)

    This probably used a technique called Out-of-Phase stereo.
    Depending on where the vocals are placed in the stereo image of a mix, OOPS, can achieve something like this.

    The idea behind O.O.P.S. is that anything that is panned to the center is (mostly, if not completely) eliminated.
    In other words, anything that is the same in both the left, as well as the right stereo channels is cancelled-out.
    Anything that is common to both channels of audio is removed from the resulting _mono_ mix (signal).

    The signal in one of the two channels is inverted, and then mixed (super-imposed onto) the signal of the opposite stereo channel, and the result is, like what you hear, here.

    I think I hear evidence of compression artifacts from lossy audio encoding ("compression").
    What if uncompressed P.C.M. (like in the digital master, or even the audio C.D.) was used as the source for this special new mix of Janis's singing?
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    The great Janis Hansen born in 1942 formed an amazing constellation of musical all-stars also born in '42. In Brazil you had Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and Milton Nascimento all born in 1942. Elsewhere those born in 1942 were Paul Mc Cartney, Brian Wilson, Carole King, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Graham Nash, Roger Mc Guinn, Jerry Garcia, B.J. Thomas, Tammy Wynette, Wayne Newton, and Claudine Longet. I was lucky to have been around as a teenager in the 1960's to hear their music blossom in that decade.
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  10. Whenever she spoke, whatever she said --
    it was poetry

    Whenever she walked,
    it was dance
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    RIP Janis ..Thank You for the timeless beautiful music you created..it will live on for ever.
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    Janis could sing any kind of song well. Of course she had mastered those smooth Bossa Novas, but she could also soulfully sing with a fantastic R&B feel as on this great song. With production and sound by Bones Howe and released in 1971.

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    Here is an article about Janis in tiny print dated Sept. 19, 1976 from the local Kalispell, Montana newspaper. The header said "singer seeks return." It showed a picture of her at a piano and another of her standing. The only way you can get proper resolution to read the article is to start a free trial subscription at Newspapers.com. While I didn't do that, some of you guys might want to and report on the article.

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  14. Fantastic find ! Thank you.
  15. "The Truth About it" by (The) Carnival --
    That is the first cut from that album (that I recall, or so-far have heard)
    that features Janis, vocally-unaccompanied. The other tracks that I've heard, she's singing along with the other woman.
    (B.T.W. 1969 was the year, right?)
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    "The Truth About It" was not included on the one and only CARNIVAL album. It was a b-side to a follow-up single, "Where There's A Heartache" by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

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    And Janis also sang solo on "Where There's A Heartache" on the flip side of the above 45. According to the liner notes on the REV-OLA cd of the the Carnival album which I have, it said the "...Heartache" and "The Truth..." 45 was recorded at Wally Heider's recording studio in November 1970. The AFTRA contracts only mention Janis on vocals. I bought the 45 in 1971. It's like icing on the cake that Carnival's cd includes these two fantastic 45 songs. For her diehard fans like myself, Janis' recording career ended in a blaze of glory.

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