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🎡 AotW Jesse Johnson EVERY SHADE OF LOVE (A&M SP 5188)


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A1 Love Struck Backing Vocals [Backing Voices] – Sue Ann* 5:07
A2 So Misunderstood 6:10
A3 I'm The One Backing Vocals [Backing Voices] – Ta MaraClavinet – Jeff Lorber 4:54
A4 Color Shock 3:47
B1 Every Shade Of Love Strings – Clare Fischer 4:44
B2 Everybody Wants Somebody To Love 3:57
B3 I'm Just Wanting You 5:45
B4 Stop-Look-Listen 3:34

Entered the Billboard Top 200 on April 16, 1988
Peaked at # 79 and charted for 13 weeks
"Love Struck" reached #3 as a single

Issued as CD 5188 domestically and as D32Y3222 in Japan and 395 188-2 in Europe

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