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Karen Carpenter's high school music sheet with sig atop, notations throughout be worth?


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I have always been a Carpenter's fan thanks to my mother, and the fact that I was born and raised here in Downey. Graduated from DHS like Karen and I even met Richard once when I was a candy striper at DRMC.
I found this old music sheet booklet at my favorite second hand store here in Downey and right away noticed the signature atop. I researched the Carpenter's signatures and was almost positive it belonged to her. After posting several requests on forums, etc on authenticity from experts... I am confident this once belonged to Ms. Karen Carpenter. Probably in high school, as it's more of signature made to claim who the book belongs to than an autograph.

My question is how much would this be worth? I wouldn't even know where to begin but getting an idea on it's value is a good start. My mother said if I sell it, she's giving me up for adoption. Seeing as I'm 40 years old, I think it's safe to part ways with it. So any ideas? I appreciate any and every opinion. Thanks in advance!


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Consult an autograph writing expert as to its value and authenticity. They may have an idea what it’s worth. Check eBay. Prices are all over the map. Those memorabilia stores sell them for a small fortune. If you sell to them, you won’t get much. Better to sell it on your own unless you need quick money. Patience is required though. It could take months or years if you price it too high. Good luck.
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