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Name your top 15 favorite songs!

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Kristopher, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Kristopher

    Kristopher Active Member Thread Starter

    I’ve always wondered what other die-hard Carpenters fans think. Would be fun to compare.

    1.Turn Away
    2.Only Yesterday
    3.I Kept On Loving You
    4.Tryin’ to get the feeling again
    5. When I Fall in love
    6.I’m Still not Over You
    7. Get Together
    8. Yesterday Once More
    9.Merry Christmas Darling
    10. Reason To Believe
    12. Calling occupants
    13. Ticket To Ride
    14. A song for you
    15. I wont last a day without you
  2. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen

    Mine would be (in chronological order, not order of favourites and Carpenters' tracks only, no solos):

    1. Eve
    2. We've Only Just Begun
    3. Rainy Days And Mondays
    4. A Song For You
    5. Road Ode
    6. Yesterday Once More
    7. Only Yesterday
    8. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
    9. Boat To Sail
    10. B'Wana She No Home
    11. All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
    12. Slow Dance
    13. Touch Me When We're Dancing
    14. When It's Gone
    15. Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night
  3. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    As of today, here are my 15 (not in any particular order):

    This Masquerade
    Rainy Days and Mondays
    One More Time
    Crescent Noon
    You're The One
    We've Only Just Begun
    One Love
    I Just Fall In Love Again
    I'll Be Home For Christmas
    I Won't Last A Day Without You
    All Of My Life
    Yesterday Once More
    Bless The Beasts...
  4. Welcome to the site. I'm fairly new myself.

    My top three in order are:
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. We've Only Just Begun
    3. Rainey Days and Mondays
    The rest in no particular order:
    • Only Yesterday
    • Let Me Be the One
    • Hurting Eachother
    • It's Going to Take Some Time This Time
    • Masquerade
    • I Can Dream, Can't I
    • One More Time
    • All You Get from Love is a Love Song
    • Top of the World
    • Song for You
    • Close to You
    • The Bacharach/David Medley from the Anthology Box Set
  5. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Well-Known Member

    All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
    Daddy's Home
    Say Yeah!
    Who Do You Love?
    My Body Keeps Changing My Mind (From The Top version)
    Baby It's You
    Prime Time Love
    Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore
    (Want You) Back In My Life Again
    If I Had You (Lovelines version)
    An Old-Fashioned Christmas
    Do You Hear What I Hear?
    Deadman's Curve
    The Uninvited Guest

    Honorable Mention:
    Home For The Holiday's
    Sailing On The Tide
    Dancing In The Street
    The Rainbow Connection
    Leave Yesterday Behind
    Nowhere Man
    Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night
    Slow Dance
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    when I see peoples list of favourite carpenters tracks, one always seems to be omitted and it surprises me ........ `somebody`s been lyin`!
    the more I listen to this track, the more I love it, what a beautiful piece of music :)
    anyway, in no particular order;

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  7. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Well-Known Member

    For me Somebody's Been Lyin' should've been left in the vault.
  8. Kristopher

    Kristopher Active Member Thread Starter

    I feel the same “Somebody’s Been Lyin’ Is the WORST track on the album, and worse then Goofus. I get up and dance to Goofus when I play the 45 and it’s a bad song as it is. (One of those it’s so bad it’s good.. like Xanadu lol)

    However I wouldn’t tell somebody that it’s not a good song because it just doesn’t catch my fancy but if it make someone else happy who cares.

    It is a beautiful song that I listen to I never skip the song my mother loved it by the way but it’s not a song that I really enjoy compared to the rest. Beautiful list of yours though.

    Oh crap I forgot the title track to lovelines.
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  9. Brian

    Brian Well-Known Member

    I'll add my opinions to the discussion about 'Somebody's Been Lying' and 'Goofus'. I like both of them a lot. What I like most about 'Somebody's Been Lying' is Karen's lead vocal, plus the arrangement for the background vocals and the general musical arrangement. I also like the lyrics - they're a bit different - and the melody is nice. So that pretty much makes the whole song and recording. :)

    My favourite Carpenters songs mainly feature Karen's lower register. I had a short list of 36 songs and narrowed down to a Top 20. A Top 15 is impossible.

    Little Altar Boy.
    Honolulu City Lights.
    Yesterday Once More.
    Look To Your Dreams.
    He Came Here for Me.
    Crescent Noon.
    Only Yesterday.
    For All We Know.
    Those Good Old Dreams.
    The End of the World.
    This Masquerade.
    Our Day Will Come.
    I Need to Be In Love.
    At The End of a Song.
    Where Do I Go From Here.
    Ave Maria.
    I Can't Make Music.
    Trying to Get the Feeling.

    Eight of my favourites were co-written by Richard. Six of them were not released during Karen's lifetime. Three of them are from Christmas albums.
  10. This is my 15 favorite, in the first position I put Road Ode (Gary Sims and Dan Woodhams), I think they made this song for Karen and her voice, and managed to put together the words and emotions of the first tour of the carpenters and I do not know why I always imagine that the song is part of Karen's life and what she always thought of her trips ......

    1. Road Ode
    2. A Song For You
    3. Let Me Be the One
    4. Only Yesterday
    5. Superstar
    6. Do You Hear What I Hear?
    7. Rainy Days and Mondays
    8. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
    9. The Rainbow Connection
    10.Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
    11.I Need to Be In Love
    12.Honolulu City Lights
    13.I Won't Last A Day Without You
    14.For All We Know
    15.All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
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  11. OhioFan

    OhioFan New Member

    My top 15 songs
    For All We Know
    Rainey Days
    Make it Easy in Yourself
    A Song for You
    Won't Last a Day
    Road Ode
    I Can't Make Music
    Only Yesterday
    Two Sides
    Kiss Me
    I'm just Not Over You
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  12. OhioFan

    OhioFan New Member

    Oops...two more
    Love Me for What
  13. Jarred

    Jarred Active Member

    What about it didn't you like much at all?
  14. byline

    byline Active Member

    Well, this is going to be tough, but here goes:

    1. Ticket to Ride ("The Singles" version)
    2. Crescent Noon
    3. Another Song
    4. Road Ode
    5. Goodbye to Love
    6. I Can't Make Music
    7. Yesterday Once More
    8. One More Time
    9. Rainy Days and Mondays
    10. Superstar
    11. Someday
    12. Sometimes
    13. Close to You
    14. We've Only Just Begun
    15. B'wana She No Home
  15. This is so difficult. There's not a single song that I actually hate, of course, there are some which aren't as good as others.

    And another problem is that my favourites are always changing. Some weeks I seem to gain an appreciation of certain songs or they "relight my fire" :laugh:

    So anyway I'll give it a crack.

    Out of the hits these are my top 3:
    -Yesterday Once More
    -Close To You

    Here's my 15
    ...as of this exact minute (in no order)

    -Hurting Each Other (RPO)
    -B'Wanna She No Home
    -Please Mr. Postman
    -The Uninvited Guest
    -Prime Time Love
    -Two Lives
    -Sing (I've really got into the overdubs behind the children's choir, listen to it a cappella)
    -At The End Of A Song
    -The Rainbow Connection
    -It's Going To Take Some Time
    -Touch Me When We're Dancing (also really got into the overdubbs)
    -Ordinary Fool
    -Where Do I Go From Her
    -Tryin To Get That Feeling Again
    -My Body Keeps Changing My Mind
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  16. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Well-Known Member

    It just doesn’t work. And for the 80’s and a comeback album it is dull and really slow. It felt too much like “I Believe You”, which was also a song that should’ve been left in the vaults.

    There were much better tracks that were left in the vaults that should’ve been completed for Made In America.

    As you can see in this post in the https://forum.amcorner.com/threads/your-mia.15939/


    Quite frankly, most of what was released on MIA should’ve been kept in the vault. Aside from a few tracks (such as “Little Girl Blue”), “Lovelines” is the album that should’ve been released in 1981.
  17. Jarred

    Jarred Active Member

    I understand why someone wouldn't like it, but I just love the musicality of arrangement. It has this throwback sweeping 50s sound with a gentle darker shading in the vocals and music that roots it in a more modern era. I like the languid feel of it. Maybe it doesn't fit on an 80s album but MIA would have been a commercial failure anyways and hearing the songs as standalone tracks today it sounds better.
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  18. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith Member

    My top 15 would be, not in any specific order:

    Touch Me When We’re Dancing
    All You Get From Love is a Love Song
    We’ve Only Just Begun
    Hurting Each Other
    Rainy Days and Mondays
    Only Yesterday
    Those Good Old Dreams
    Merry Christmas Darling
    Two Lives
    Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore
    My Body Keeps Changing My Mind (FTT)
    Don’t Be Afraid
    Kiss Me the Way You Did Last Night
    Sweet Sweet Smile

    Conversely...the only two that make me cringe are:

    Goofus (because in my mind I always see Edna Babish singing it and playing the ukulele from a Laverne and Shirley episode)

    Man Smart, Woman Smarter (when I was a kid I tried to run really fast to the record player and skip over this one before it even started to play)
  19. Rachel

    Rachel Someone said that time would ease the pain...

    I made a list of my favorites and it was 27 tracks. Making the cuts was painful. I left some good ones off the list (TTR [I like the 1969 version as much as the 1973 version], Happy, Solitaire, RDAM, HEO, Road Ode, I Can't Make Music, etc.). Anyway, as others have said, these are my favorites right at this moment.

    Baby It's You
    Mr. Guder (TBH, I prefer their live performances of this song to the album version)
    For All We Know
    A Song For You
    Only Yesterday
    (I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You
    One More Time
    Two Lives (I had to include this one; this provides my custom title)
    Look To Your Dreams
    The Uninvited Guest
    If I Had You
    Little Altar Boy
    Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again

    I shall make no comments about other's lists. I have thick skin, so you can fire away at me if Mr. Guder offends anyone.:D
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  20. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Well-Known Member

    I don’t hear any 50’s sound to it. Thing is, the Carpenters should’ve gone more in the direction of Touch Me, Beechwood & Want You. The early-80’s were full of ballads by Air Supply and other groups. And it was clear that in 78, “I Believe You” was not the way to go for success, so why they decided to populate MIA with similar songs four years later is a mystery.
  21. For me, the difference between the way I feel about Carpenters and any other singer or group is made strikingly clear when I realize that I can't list even close to 15 songs that I really like of anyone else.
  22. Brian

    Brian Well-Known Member

    I agree with your sentiments, Jarred. I think that ‘Somebody’s Been Lying’ was actually more classy, or traditionally ‘musical’, maybe, than a lot of the music appearing on early 80s albums, which is perhaps why it might have given the impression of not belonging to the 80s.

    Having said that, I love a lot of the music of that era, especially that which came out of the UK and Australia, and think that it has as great a value as Carpenters’ music - just in different ways. I love a lot of the new romantic, new wave, gothic rock, synth-pop and post-punk of the time, the beat, the ska and the blending of all those styles, and, of course, the Aussie pub rock. (I loved a lot of the soul music of the 60s and 70s but feel that soul music of the 80s, generally, wasn’t as deep). Nobody did Carpenters’ genre like they did it, though. And ‘Somebody’s Been Lying’, I feel, demonstrates their proficiency.
  23. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    I looked at the lists of songs for all the albums and picked out my own personal standouts from each. That gave me a list of 18 songs which I trimmed down to these 15. The top 10 are pretty much in order, and the last 5 are sort of tied. It was really tough which ones to chop off the list. ("Eve," "I Won't Last a Day Without You," and "This Masquerade" were the casualties.)

    "Goodbye to Love" and "Hurting Each Other" might be higher in the list if I hadn't heard them about 37,000 times.

    Close to You
    Yesterday Once More
    Road Ode
    Bless the Beasts and Children
    I Need to Be In Love
    Ticket to Ride
    A Song For You
    Crystal Lullaby
    Hurting Each Other
    Goodbye to Love
    I Kept On Loving You
    Crescent Noon
    One Fine Day
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  24. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    If the OP had asked for a top-20 list, I probably would have included "Mr. Guder." Both because I like it as a song, and also because I like the story behind it.
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  25. cam89

    cam89 Active Member

    1. Solitaire
    2. A Place to Hideaway
    3. One Love
    4. Eve
    5. Someday
    6. Crescent Noon
    7. Superstar
    8. Only Yesterday
    9. One More Time
    10. Boat To Sail
    11. Because We Are In Love
    12. I Can't Make Music
    13. Ticket To Ride (1973 version)
    14. Look To Your Dreams
    15. Trying to Get The Feeling Again

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