November 2022 In Memoriam

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TV producer & writer Gene Perret ("The Carol Burnett Show") has died of liver failure at 85 years old on November 15. Wikipedia does not have any information.


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Singer/Actress Irene Cara has passed at the age of 63.
Was so saddened to hear about her passing! I've always found her quite underrated as a vocalist and songwriter both. Though her Flashdance theme has never ceased to be a regular fixture on radio (and deservedly so, being one of the greatest movie themes to come out of the '80s), people tend to forget just how many other Top 40 hits she had [both the title theme and "Out Here on My Own" from Fame, "The Dream (Hold on to Your Dream)" from D.C. Cab, "Why Me?" and "Breakdance"; "Anyone Can See" didn't miss by very much, either, stopping at just #42, if I remember correctly]. And her albums were always quite pleasant, too. What a Feelin' strangely climbed only as high as #77 and, even more bizarrely, never got issued on CD in the U.S., but it contains at least three of her six Top 40 hits (while the second printing replaced one of the filler cuts with "The Dream," giving the LP a fourth hit), and at least half of the surrounding album tracks sound like they really could have been sizable hits in their own right if they had just been released as singles. "Romance '83," "Keep On," and "You Took My Life Away" are nearly every bit as pretty and infectious as the more famous songs on the record, and I play each of those at home almost as often as I do the Flashdance theme. That album should have been much, much bigger than it was. It might be the most underrated pop album Giorgio Moroder ever produced.
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