October 2023 In Memoriam


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Musician Carla Bley has died at 87 years old. She worked for former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason's first solo album "Fictitious Sports" in 1979 but released in July 1981. Carla Bley - Wikipedia

She also played with one of the best Jack Bruce Band lineups (alongside Bruce Gary (who later found greater fame with The Knack), former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor, and, of course, Jack himself). I've not heard nearly as much of her own work as I'd like to, though I do own her Live! album from '82.

Singer Dwight Twilley has died at 72 years old. Dwight Twilley - Wikipedia

A true treasure, particularly to power-pop buffs like myself. He didn't have nearly the success he deserved (he just reached the Top 40 twice that I can recall, first with "I'm on Fire" in '75 as half of the Dwight Twilley Band, then later in the mid-'80s on his own with "Girls"), but he and Phil Seymour made some of the most criminally overlooked pop sides of the '70s.

Actor Richard Moll ("Night Court") has died at 80 years old. Richard Moll - Wikipedia

Bummer. Very funny man. I'd been hoping that the new re-boot of Night Court might have been able to lure him back for a guest spot for the upcoming season, much like how Marsha Warfield did in the closing minutes of last year's finale.
It's also a bit strange just how many full-fledged cast members from that series have passed away over the last few years - Harry Anderson, Markie Post, Charles Robinson, Paula Kelly, and now Moll. Other than Warfield and John Larroquette, I believe Ellen Foley is the only other surviving alumnus from that show, and even she was only there for one season before Post formally joined the show.
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