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I'm a new member to the forum, so my apologies if this has been discussed before. My wife and I flew to Arizona last week to see Herb and Lani in concert in Scottsdale on January 28. Great show and nice way to escape the midwestern winter for a few days. Definitely worth the price of admission.

During the concert he took some questions from the audience. One question asked if the old TJB TV specials would ever be released on DVD. Herb said a documentary is in the works that will use clips from the specials, and he will likely be doing some promotions for PBS for when the documentary airs. He didn't give any specific dates, but I got the impression it might be later in 2019, no doubt during a PBS pledge drive week. He went on to say after the documentary was done, he would look into whether the old specials could be released.


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Wow--this is great news. I have always held out the possibility of a Herb Alpert TJB special on PBS TV. It would be a natural fit. Perhaps it would appear on the PBS My Music series typically held during the pledge drives. We shall see and as they say--stay tuned.


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Hello Keith,
that sounds good. I hope these clips mentioned by herb are not the ones you already find on his website. Not to long ago I found some clips from Herb's last TV special "The Brass are comin'" on Vimeo. There quality was good, much better than those YouTube clips or entire specials. But when I wanted to download them they were gone. I already posted a question here. But no definite answer. So I'm not the only one who looks out for such material. When Herb now gives such a positive answer, there will be hope ….

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I suppose, as with all TV specials, the problem with releasing them would fall to licensing the music. Since Herb's specials consist mostly of his own recordings, there wouldn't be an issue with the recordings. But they would still have to license the songs, themselves, which (in some cases) could get too expensive to make a release cost-effective.
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