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Playing Producer: Herb Alpert Climate/Environmental Record

David S

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I have been listening to the current album Catch the Wind and it occurred to me that Herb Alpert has recorded many tunes that have a relationship to climate and/or environment. So, putting my Jerry Moss hat on, I decided to make a suggestion of a potential environment/climate album, which I would title Save the Sunlight. Tracks might include:


Save the Sunlight (Herb/T.J.B. version)

Ain’t No Sunshine

On The Sunny Side of the Street

Good Morning, Mr Sunshine


Midnight Sun

Second Wind

Chase the Wind


Windy City

Winds of Barcelona

Making Love in the Rain

Behind the Rain

Fire and Rain

Stormy Sunday

Over the Rainbow

Blue Skies

Reach for the Stars

Rocket to the Moon

Under a Spanish moon suite

Brazilian Moon

Blue Moon

Moon River

Stranger On The Shore (simply bc it’s a great record closer, and it’s ine of my favourite recordings of his. Call it a producer’s privilege…

Thoughts? I’m sure I’ve missed something…for instance, aside from the last track this isnt a prescribed sequence.
I'll add:

Catch A Falling Star
Country Lake
Garden Party
Green Leaves Of Summer
Here Comes The Sun
It's Only A Paper Moon
Pretty World
Wade In The Water
One could also do the antithesis of an environmental theme with things like his songs about trains, traffic, streets, and factories!
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