Quincy Jones To Be Honored at Monterey Jazz Fest

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It would be worth seeing if I were closer...

“I knew that Christian McBride would probably know these albums inside-and-out to be the musical director,” the festival’s artistic director, Tim Jackson, said in a press release. “And I was right. I also wanted to try to get as many available artists who had played on those original albums to be part of the project.”

Artists who appeared on the aforementioned albums and will be performing at the tribute include pianist Dave Grusin, flutist Hubert Laws and vocalist Valerie Simpson. The tribute will also feature saxophonist James Carter, guitarist Paul Jackson Jr., trumpeter Sean Jones, harmonica player Grégoire Maret, drummer Lewis Nash, bassist and vocalist Richard Bona, pianist Alfredo Rodriguez and the Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra conducted by Grammy-winner John Clayton.
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