AOTW Randy & the Gypsies (A&M SP 5191)

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    A1 Perpetrators 5:02
    A2 Luv Thang 3:58
    A3 Love You Honey 4:59
    A4 You Got A Lady 6:28
    A5 The Love We Almost Had 6:33
    B1 Gigolo 5:31
    B2 I Can't Wait 5:33
    B3 I Need You 5:58
    B4 Not Because Of Me 6:48

    Tracks A2 to A5, B2 to B4 Published by Ranjack Music
    A1 Published by Thumping, Inc.
    B1 Published by Wiz Kid Music

    Recording studios:
    - Neighborhood Recording Studio
    - Larrabee Sound Studio
    - Mastering Lab

    Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering
    ℗ © 1989 A&M Records, Inc.

    Issued as CD 5191 domestically & as PCCY-10078 in Japan, 1989


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    Randy Jackson is so underrated. He's the second-best singer of all the Jackson brothers (behind, obviously, Michael). He's got some of Jermaine's tone but it's got more girth. I've had the record for years and it's very competent New Jack Swing. "Luv You Honey" is easily my favorite track.


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