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Rare Tracks

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As the years have gone by, many many Carpenters tracks have finally been released and although I don't buy compilation albums, I will always buy an album with a new track (even if its just one like Interpretations).

To my knowledge, this is whats left with the exception of Karens solo recordings and live recordings:

Its a whole new sound (Mortons Potatoe Chips)

Thank You For The Music (performed on The Johnny Carson Show)

Good Vibrations/Coming Through The Rye (performed on the Carpenters 1st TV Special with John Denver)

Can't Buy Me Love

Jimmy Mac

You're Just In Love (performed on Music Music Music with John Davidson)

Gonna Cut Away (From the Carpenters 1st TV Special with John Denver)

Heartache Tonight (From Olivia Newton Johns TV Special)

Silly Love Songs (From ABC Anniversary Special)

Make Me Laugh (From The Dorothy Hamill Special)

Big Brothers, Kid Sisters (From The Christmas Portrait TV Special with Kristi & Jimmy McNichols)

Dance Medley (From Space Encounters TV Special)

Cinderella Rockefeller

I Fell In Love

Man Smart, Woman Smarter (From Space Encounters TV Special with Suzanne Somers)

When I Die

Can anyone think of any other releases that we are waiting for with the exception of Karens outstanding performance on the Bruce Forsythe Show


There are masses of unreleased tracks , both from Carpenters and Solo Projects :)

Depends on Fans Interests and Must Hear Views :

Studio Recordings

Outtake Recordings

TV / Radio Recordings

Demo Recordings

Live Recordings

Interview Tracks

Lots of Different Tracks that could be used for Studio , Rarities , Live and Box Sets etc

Richard has Various Options , BUT after As Time Goes By Issues , Richard Needs to be Convinced Record Companies and Worldwide Affililates WILL SUPPORT THESE NEW RELEASES AND NOT JUST THE USUAL HITS / COMPILATIONS ETC :shock:

Will have to Consider some Personal Unissued Tracks and list later :)

Peter....Considering Favourites.......


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To bste2003...nice avatar, Steve...but why is Karen patting Richard's stomach when it looks for all the world like she's the one who ate the bad clam? Check out the gallerys here at the forum for some other priceless outtakes of A&M stars...Herb and the Muppets, to be specific...



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Not sure why she's patting Richards stomach there but love the picture

Cool Avatars in the gallery LOL :laugh:


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bste2003 wrote:

To my knowledge, this is whats left with the exception of Karens
solo recordings and live recordings:

Its a whole new sound (Mortons Potatoe Chips)

The Morton's Potato Chips jingles HAVE actually been released, on the CLOSE TO YOU: REMEMBERING THE CARPENTERS DVD. Both the 30-second TV commercial (with video) and the 60-second radio commercial are on the DVD. Quality isn't great (apparently they made the recordings in Toronto while on tour and the original multi-track masters were not kept), but they're available. Also on that DVD is the KFRC radio station jingle they did for the Los Angeles-area radio station and "From the Heart," the Hi-Crown Chocolate commercial that has since been released on THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION.

Good Vibrations/Coming Through The Rye (performed on the
Carpenters 1st TV Special with John Denver)

I'd LOVE to hear the studio version of this -- since it was obviously pre-recorded and lip-synched on the TV special. There was talk that Karen & Richard's live concert version of this medley was to be included on the box set discussed in 2002 (which became THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION). This live version was an encore recorded during the LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM concert, but left off the album for time reasons.

Another group of songs from TV specials that haven't been released are the little snippets of songs that closed each episode of MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC, and which have been strung together as a medley by someone a number of years ago. "Good Day Sunshine," "Planes and Boats and Trains," "Wishin' and Hopin'," and several other songs.

Then there are, of course, all the songs recorded before 1969. Home recordings, the Spectrum studio recordings, the demos recorded in Joe Osborn's garage studio (of which there must be more songs that Richard hasn't released), the entire album recorded for RCA by the Richard Carpenter Trio, songs performed for the Hollywood Battle of the Bands, on "Your All-American College Show," etc.

And finally, you've got the unfinished/unreleased studio recordings. I wrote about this some months ago, and I'm quoting my own post here about the notes I made about an interview Richard gave discussing some of the unreleased recordings:

"All My Life" -- complete lead, perfect

"All Good Things Don't Have to End" -- incomplete lead

"Magic In the Music" -- either partial or complete lead, but Richard hates it

"Won't You Play a Simple Melody" -- complete song, with Karen and Richard's parents. Richard said he might release this someday

"Come and Be Kind" -- incomplete lead

"Peter Pan Moon" -- incomplete lead, but Karen and Richard loved this song

"Better World" -- possibly has complete lead, but wasn't Carpenters-like so they never did anything with it

"Don't Leave Me" -- done for the CARPENTERS album but Richard doesn't like their rendition of it (even though he likes the song)

"Try and Win a Friend" -- has a complete lead, could be usable in the future

"Why Don't They Understand" -- has a complete lead

As I've probably said several times before, the songs with incomplete leads could quite possibly be completed as duets with other artists, or strung together into a medley of some sorts.

Anyway, there definitely seems to be potential for another complete Carpenters release. There are even rumors that there is more Christmas material in the vaults that didn't make the cut on AN OLD-FASHIONED CHRISTMAS...



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I agree, the Moringa Hi Crown Chocolate Commercial "From The Heart" is a great track that has been released on The Essential Collection although it was very annoying to have to buy this collection just for that track since it is relatively similar to "From The Top".

The Essential Collection even wipes out the need to have "Interpretations" due to the fact that "Tryin To Get The Feeling Again" was released on there (Like I Said, I don't buy compilations unless there is a track I don't have on there).

"A Whole New Sound" (Mortons Potatoe Chips Commercial) is a great track also although I wish it had been included in The Essential Collection instead of just a bonus track on the DVD "Close To You - Remembering The Carpenters".

I agree though that the "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" Snippets would make a great medley on a Carpenters Release:

I wanna Be Free
Trains & Boats And Planes
A House Is Not A Home
Good Day Sunshine
There's A New World Coming
Looking To Find Love

I had no idea that Good Vibrations/Coming Through The Rye had been recorded. That would be a great release.

I guess there are several Christmas releases such as those included in the Carpenters Christmas Specials. I especially like Big Brothers, Kid Sisters

As for the other tracks, have you ever heard them or is there anywhere I can listen to them. I would love to hear these tracks.


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I have not heard any of the unreleased songs I listed -- that list came from an interview Richard gave a few years ago in which he was asked about the infamous "Buried Treasure" list.

In that same interview (done before AS TIME GOES BY was completed) Richard also talked about "Rainbow Connection" (complete lead but Karen would come back and get him if he ever released it) and "Leave Yesterday Behind" (which he said would be completed and released on an album someday).

I think a perfect concept for a new album would be a "Songs from Television Specials" collection. While some of the material on that sort of CD would have already been released (the Karen/Ella medley, Carpenters/Como medley, etc.), it would be a good way to get other stuff released that hasn't been officially released as of yet. The original duets with John Davidson could be used, the Karen/Andy Williams duet would be a good one, Karen/John Denver, that sort of thing.

...wishin' and hopin'...


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Karen And Andy Williams

I am not familiar with this duet. What year would this have been and what songs were used. I am assuming this was for a Televison Production

But yes I guess a selection of Tv Special Releases would make a great Album or better yet DVD


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The duet with Andy Williams was a medley of "Ticket to Ride" and "I'll Never Fall In Love Again." I think it came from an Andy Williams TV show; I don't know what year, but I'd guess early- to mid-70s.

It was obviously pre-recorded, as it has the full Carpenters' harmony-vocals treatment. The most interesting thing about it is that it's the only time I've ever heard Karen singing any part of "Ticket to Ride" in a bright, uptempo manner -- not the ballad version we're used to.


Marty TX

I'm sure this file is probably out there somewhere, but if you want to hear the Andy Williams duet I have, you can get it here (just right click and save Target): http://web2.airmail.net/marty

It's called AudioTrack 03.

I have a cleaned up version somewhere that I gave to Ran a long time ago, but I was unable to find it.

See ya!


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Hi Marty,
Hope all is well!
Its already snowing 18 inches here, with another 20 more to come!

Rick-An Ordinary Fool

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Marty, thanks so much, I just downloaded it. How are you I remember ya from Ran's site.

Your right, it rare to hear Karen sing in this kinda style. It's different & I like it.


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It's nice to see that another RoadOde "refugee" has found his way here. :)

Thanks for the file Marty! It was nice to hear something "new" that I hadn't heard before!



When Richard completes Work on his Solo Project , would be Great to Have Both Video / DVD Releases of Five Major Carpenters TV Specials :)

Alongside Richard Could Release Companion Special Soundtracks for Fans , Although Some Tracks Have Been Issued Previously on Box Sets , Interpretations and As Time Goes By , Many Still Are Unreleased :)

Really Richard is Hampered Only by Copyright Issues and Royalties For Guest Artists / Estates etc. This Could Take Some Time , But Would be Worthwhile , Ideally for 2004 , Perhaps Richard's 60th in 2006 ? :o

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