*RIP Joe Osborn

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    UMG has posted a lengthy article of Joe Osborn:
    "The great musician is said to have played on over 200 top 40 hits,
    including ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water,’ ‘Close To You’ and ‘MacArthur Park."
    "Richard and Karen Carpenter turned up to accompany a trumpeter who was auditioning.
    The bassist was the first to record the duo, on his home four-track equipment, and he helped them to develop their harmony interplay, going on to play on all their hits."“I didn’t know what to do about it,” Osborn told broadcaster Eddie Winters in 2015, of his “discovery” of the Carpenters. “But we talked, and found out Richard had some songs that he had written, didn’t have any way to record them, and so I offered the use of the studio to come and do that. But they had already been playing, as the Richard Carpenter Jazz Trio. Karen was a wonderful jazz drummer, even at that age, and Richard had studied classical music since he was a baby. So they were accomplished musicians at that point.” "In 1996, Richard Carpenter was asked about the impressive bass sound on the Carpenters’ recordings. “That’s Joe Osborn,” he said. “I just wrote ‘fill’…I’m big on bass."

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    In the interest of keeping this discussion on topic, a handful of posts debating the use of the word "passed" rather than "died" have been removed.
  3. Carpe diem

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    RIP Joe Osborn. Such an integral part of the duo's success. He will always have a special place in the heart of every Carpenters fan.
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  4. Mike Blakesley

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    It's well documented that he played on a large number of hits... I'm curious how many actual songs he played on. It has to number in the thousands, since there are scads of albums where he was the bassist for all the songs, not just the hits. Prolific guy, indeed.
  5. Guitarmutt

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    He was and always will be an amazing musician. Rest in Peace Joe Osborn
  6. Joeyesterday

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    You can go to Allmusic.com and see Joe's album credits from the 1960's through the RPO album. An amazing body of work.
  7. Joeyesterday

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    Mike, you may be able to open each album to get individual song credits.
  8. David A

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    Always sad to hear that another of the talents associated with the Carpenters legacy, has passed away. Time is fleeting.

    As @Harry points out, he was the one who heard Karen's voice in his studio and knew he was hearing something special. The rest, as they say, is history. He was an amazing bass player.
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  9. Matty Mattel

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    Wow Joe, you blessed and helped so many many people through out your lifetime. You're kindness, influence and encouragement to Karen and Richard Carpenter alone impacted the music industry around the world. You truly were a gentle giant. God Bless You Joe!
  10. I stumbled on to this site purely by accident. I want to thank you all for the appreciation, respect and love for my father. He was my best friend, his counsel and guidance throughout my life was a true blessing. I made the list above decades ago, pre internet. I'm making a more complete list for dad...right off I see no Paul Revere and the raiders; " kicks" for instance. The turtles " elenore" and " happy together" also missing. The Rocky horror picture show soundtrack is missing too.
    Dad had started a book, I have his notebooks so I'm going to try to finish what he started. Again, you have my sincere heartfelt thanks.
    David Osborn
  11. Harry

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    Thank you David. Your Dad was an amazing guy that we've only gotten to know through his works. It's great that you want to extend his legacy.
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  12. Well I'm going to try. I went to hundreds of sessions with my dad after I started drum lessons at Al Casey's music store in Hollywood. Dad's garage studio had a small Gretch drum kit that I beat around on at 6 years of age, the pots and pans were spared from this phase. Dad started me on lessons when I was 10 years old, Maurice Miller taught me to read and was a positive influence in general. Dad took me to watch Hal many times sitting near him, he'd get some headphones for me and remind me to be quiet. I was just a kid but he was always a gentleman, answering in detail all my of my questions about his kit. I went with Dad to Carpenters sessions (as well as other artists) having known them from the garage years. Karen was the one that first showed me how to change drum heads, tuning, take the kit apart etc. I remember one occasion Richard helped me with a heavy trash can I was struggling with getting it to the curb, one of my chores. They were often at our house back then, recording on Dad's 4 track in the garage studio. I know nothing about writing a book but I have an old friend that does. She is an english professor that has three books out and edits books for others. So, we will get together and begin with Dad's notebooks. I will try to come up with something worthy.
    I have been asked by mods if I'm related to Joe. Yes, I am Joe's oldest of his four children. I stayed with Dad at his home for the last few months of his life and was with him when he left this world.
    He checked out medically very well, he was on a little blood pressure medication. Still getting around very well. March 1st 2018 we were struck by lightning on a sunny day... my wife Lori and I were with him when a Dr. Told him he has a tumor in his pancreas. I can not express with words how much I miss him.
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    @David Osborn My condolences as well, and thanks much for stopping in and sharing your thoughts! We look forward to anything that might be in the works--be sure to come back and share it with us! Your dad was definitely one of the legendary bass players in the music industry. He left his mark on a great many recordings that we have all enjoyed.
  14. DeeInKY

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    @David Osborn
    My sympathy to you and your family on the passing of your dad. His work brought joy to so many listeners. He will live forever through the music. Good luck with the book!

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