Sergio introduced a Antonio Carlos Jobim concert

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Dear Forum,

Last week I found and bought a DVD with a concert by Antonio Carlos Jobim and his band with guest star Gal Costa.

The concert was recorded and videotaped at the Wiltern Theather in
Los Angeles, no date info but probably in 1986-1987.

Sergio Mendes and Brazilian moviestar Sonia Braga (from the famed movie ‘Dona Flor and her two husbands’) did the introduction together just as they entered the theather.
Sergio with full beard and looks quit thin (I think this was the period when he produced Brazilian Romance for Sara Vaughan).

The band: Sebastião Neto on fender bass, Paulo Hermanny Jobim on acoustic guitar, Paulo Braga on drums, Jacques Morelenbaum on cello, and Danilo Caymmi on flute. And Jobim on acoustic grand piano.
The singers: Elizabeth Jobim (his daughter), Ana Lontra Jobim (his wive),
Maucha Adnet, Paula Morelenbaum and Simone Caymmi (Danilo’s wive).

The perfomed songs:

One note samba
Aqua de beber
Dindi – with Gal Costa
Wave – with Gal Costa
Anos Dourados – with Gal Costa
Gabriela with – Gal Costa
Cega de Saudade
Two kites
Samba de Soho
Samba de Aviao
Aqua de Março
Corcovado with – Gal Costa

A breathtaking performance from Dindi with only Jobim on piano and Costa
with her wonderful voice. Jobim introduced Gal Costa ‘As the incredible Flower of Bahia our friend Gal Costa’.
And a great version of Gabriela with Costa and the other female vocalists.

Recorded by the legendary recording engineer Joel Moss on the Record Plant Mobile.
Production consultant: Famous Canadian lyricist, journalist and Jazz chronicler Gene Lees (he translated some songs by Jobim and worked with Sergio on the Elektra albums Brasil 88 (liner notes) and Magic Lady (wrote the lyrics on Magic Lady and Summer dreams).

Nice DVD which shows how masterful ‘Timeless’ and genius the compositions by the great Antonio Carlos Jobim are.

All the best,
Sjef Nix - Aqua do Brasil
I have this recording and it is one of my most watched concerts. The sound quality is awesome, and I love the sexy female singers on the chorus. One is Jobims wife, and I believe his daughter also sings. Jobims son Paulo sings one track and plays rythm guitar. If you're a Jobim fan, this is a must have! I was fortunate to see this very same band some 3 years earlier live at NYC's Carnegie Hall. At this same place, I also saw Gal Costa, and later Milton Nascimento live. At the Beacon theatre in NYC, I had the pleasure of seeing a live concert by the great Djavan.
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