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the Beach Boys Summer In Paradise (1992)
Produced by Brother Records
Published by Navarre Corp. (US release)/EMI (UK release)/JIMCO (Japan/Asia)
CD/Cassette/Vinyl (South Korea only)
Singles: Hot Fun In The Summertime/Summer Of Love (cassette single (US)/CD single (UK)
Summer of Love/Baywatch Theme (cassette single)
Forever (featuring John Stamos/CD Maxi Single)

For the past few days I’ve been spinning both the US & UK versions of this album. “Summer In Paradise” was released in 1992 for the Beach Boys 30th Anniversary. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to find as it reportedly sold less than 1,000 copies of its 10,000 printed and even caused Navarre to go bankrupt, although in the US; apparently the unsold copies were included as a “Bonus” disc in 1993 as part of a QVC package with the “Good Vibrations 30 Years” CD set. 3 years later the song “Summer Of Love” appeared on the TV show “Baywatch” and was issued as a single and on the show’s soundtrack album. “Hot Fun” is a remake of the 1960’s song by Sly and the Family Stone, but set to a drum machine, electric keyboards and guitar.

It’s also interesting to note that before EMI released it in the UK, 6 of the 12 tracks were remixed (Strange Things Happen, Forever, Under The Boardwalk) ,or re-recorded (Island Fever, Summer In Paradise). “Forever” on its CD single, had even more remixes done, while “(Remember) Walking In The Sand” was also remixed but the UK CD used the US mix (I haven’t heard of the UK mix surfacing on any compilation).

It’s interesting to note that “Summer In Paradise” was recorded on a beta version of Pro Tools. So, the masters for this album, from what I can tell, only exist in 4-channel 16-bit, 44.1khz (or maybe 48 kHz), as 24-bit recording and higher channel count recording wasn’t introduced to Pro Tools until 1997. Also, for some strange reason, back in 2000-2001, Capitol didn’t reissue it when they were reissuing the Beach Boys 2-fer CD’s (they also didn’t reissue “Still Cruisin’”, the groups highly successful 1989 album, they stopped at the 1985 self-title), which is a shame.

Anyway, “Summer In Paradise” takes a few listens to like, since it is very different from their earlier albums. It’s different like “Carl & The Passions” was different from their other albums. But I’m SIP’s case it’s because it’s so 90’s electronic. That digital electronic sound is in every song, and even gets transferred to the cassettes that were made for the album and singles.

The stand-out track for me on both versions is “Slow Summer Dancin’ (One Summer Night)”, which is a cover of the old Danleers song, but with a new song tying in that was by Bruce Johnston—-it’s not a medley, as Johnston’s new lyrics are like a new chorus and verse to the original song, but from what I can tell it still has all the original lyrics from the Danleers). This should’ve been issued as a single, or have made appearances on compilation albums because it is a really great song.

“Forever” features “Full House” Star John Stamos on lead vocals. Stamos has played drums and other instruments on the Beach Boys 1985 and 1989 albums (he’s even in the video for “Kokomo” playing steel drums). And on “Full House” Stamos performed “Forever” (once for Michelle, again at his character’s wedding, and later for his character’s twin son’s, and even later on the Netflix “Fuller House” Pilot).

“Forever” also marks Dennis Wilson’s Only contribution to SIP, as he had written the song in 1970 for the “Sunflower” album, however there were no vocal tracks by Dennis Wilson used on the album, just like Brian Wilson’s only contribution to the album is his credit for the song “Surfin’”, which was a 90’s electronic remake on this album of the Beach Boys 1962 single. Otherwise, Brian Wilson would not have another Beach Boys vocal until 2002 when he performed “California Feeling” on the “Beach Boys Classics” CD.

So what do you think of this rare album by the Beach Boys?


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I'd never even heard of this album before reading your post above. Since it apparently sold very few copies, and was never reissued, I doubt that many people outside of Beach Boys diehards would have been familiar with it. I like the old 60's Beach Boys hits, but the only album of theirs that I own is the double LP of "Endless Summer".

A quick search revealed that someone put the whole album up on YouTube:

I'm listening to it as I type this... There are some decent songs on there, and nice harmonies, but I find the electronic drum machine to be a little distracting. Did they go that route because it was considered trendy at the time, or was the band without a drummer when they recorded this album?


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They started using the electronic drum machine back in 1985 and used it on their 1989 album, along with human drummers on both albums, whereas SIP used it full time.

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This album was slammed (rather unfairly) when it was released, but I thought it was ok and bought it, anyway. I wanted to hear the re-do of “Surfin’”, so I had to get it. I’m a big collector of the Capitol stuff, but I had no clue this was so rare. I’ve still got it.
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Still waiting for The Beach Boys to do the remakes of The Raspberries "Drivin' Around" (from 1972 "Fresh") & "Cruisin' Music" (from 1974 "Starting Over") & the remake of Canadian singer Ian Thomas "Coming Home" (from 1978 "Still Here") which got a lot of Canada airplay. I did missed The Beach Boys when they performed in Midland, Michigan back in August of 1990 at the Midland County Fairgrounds back then 30 years ago!!!


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Now that it’s summer time, I’ve been listening to this album quite a bit. This is one album that really flew under the radar, and is a really great summer album—-both the US & UK versions. I like putting this on in the truck with the windows down—-it’s a great driving CD!
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