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The following pictures represent my collection of Tijuana Brass-era 45rpm picture sleeves as issued by A&M in the United States. There are of course many more that were issued around the world. Steve S. has a handle on a good bit of those, but I wanted to exhibit just the US sleeves. These show both the a- and b- sides of the sleeves. In many cases, the b-side has it's own image; in some, it's an exact repeat; others change some text.

It appears to me that the very first picture sleeve in the US was issued with "What Now My Love" / "Spanish Flea". I can't find any reference to any before that. And, though I believe this collection is complete, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there is something that I've missed. But again, I can't find any reference to other picture sleeves on Discogs.

I was fortunate to have found the great bulk of these in one eBay purchase a few years ago, and during my current free time, thought I'd share them here.

[Edit: After a further review, I've added a T.J.B. sleeve, and one from the BULLISH era with the "Tijuana Brass" moniker.]

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Wow! Thank you for scanning these, Harry. I have about 80% of these, but yours look like mint copies. I’d never seen the Christmas sleeve, as well as a few of the later ones.

Really cool.


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It's a great collection of photos. I always got an extra charge and my heart always seemed to beat a little faster when I found a new release with a picture sleeve. It wasn't that common in the 60s.
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