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Which Christmas Album Did you listen to the most (Christmas 2021)?

Which Christmas Album Did You Listen To The Most Christmas 2021?

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Recently learned that RC originally intended to have more vocal input with Christmas Portrait (was that in The Musical Legacy? I think so) ... but pulled back because of his illness ... I couldn't be more intrigued. Seems I'm one of the few that missed his vocals in the later years. I wonder how much of the opening medley of AOFC is how it might have been? ...
Richard might have been a better singer than most people know or are willing to give him credit for - the problem is that except for a few, rare occasions he buried his natural voice under a layer of double-tracking that distorted it almost beyond recognition - the best he ever sounded was when they appeared on the Perry Como show and he sang "Don't Let the Stars Get In your Eyes" as part of a medley with Perry and Karen and did so without the technical gimmerickry...there are a few other examples.


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Toyland would have fit better on An Old Fashioned Christmas as that whole album gives off a reminiscing type feeling for me. It would not have fit on CP in my opinion. It's strange he's never spoke about the this unreleased track, probably thinks there's no interest since it doesn't have Karen vocals on it.
We know that Karen thought highly of it, since she mentioned it in that interview that was reprinted in the booklet for the 1997 “Reader’s Digest Their Greatest Hits and Finest Performances”.
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