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First time poster, long time lurker


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Hi all, new member here, long time lurker. I guess I’m finally a big enough Carpenters fan to join. I’m probably one of the younger members on this forum, but still share the same enthusiasm for their music. Anyway, let me give you my backstory.

I’m into older music in general, (or maybe I should be completely honest, and say older things in general) but I’m mostly a Classic rock guy. Well one day when I was scrolling through YouTube I found Close To You. I liked it, threw it on a mixtape I had and forgot about it. Some years later I was back on Youtube, and the Carpenters popped up again. Well I guess I couldn’t get enough this time, cause it didn’t stop there. I started listening to all their earlier hits. Rainy Days and Mondays, Superstar, We’ve only Just Begun, Hurting Each Other, and so on. Then I started reading about the Carpenters, (and the unfortunate ending of Karen’s life that was cut oh so short) and more about their beginnings. Well that’s when I discovered their first album, Offering/Ticket To Ride. As soon as i heard that one I was seriously hooked. All of my life, Someday, All I can do, etc (I really like every song on that album). Then the more I read and learned, I realized not only did Karen have the the best voice I’ve ever heard, but she was a terrific drummer, and she even played the bass. And of course Richard’s terrific piano, writing, and arranging skills, started to really come through to me. Well by that point, I was a huge fan. I watched their live concerts, (71 BBC one is my favorite), interviews, performances, and that’s how I stumbled across this forum.

Well, The Carpenters were the only band my ears could stand for six months or so, but eventually I moved on to other things. Until a month or so ago, I was going through the Goodwill vinyl section, and stumbled upon probably one of the roughest copies of Close To You out there, but I couldn’t say no for $0.99! So brought it back, and decided to play it. It skipped its way through We’ve Only Just Begun, but I was back in love with The Carpenters all over again, just this time CTY is my go to album! Maybe it’s you I think is my new favorite track! Baby it’s you it growing on me though.

A little ironic note that happened some months back: Me and a friend were in my car, and he asked to borrow my charger for his phone out of my glovebox. Well while he’s in there, he picks up one of my cassettes and it happens be my Carpenters one I had made. Little did we know, that we were both fans.

Anyways that’s my introduction to The Carpenters, my end goal is to eventually acquire a copy of Offering, but maybe not for the Ebay asking prices. Someday…..
Welcome aboard. There's lot's of knowledge to be found here among our members, and twenty-some years of posts to read through if you want.
Welcome to the forum. You have so much to discover! We are all here to help you! Hope you have a great time!
Welcome! I've been here since 2015 (others here WAY longer than I), and I still find interesting facts and gems of interest on this forum regarding our beloved duo's music and careers.
Nice to meet you!

I feel you on the "older things in general" part. I'm an 18-year-old guy who went to see both Barry Manilow and Herb Alpert in concert within the last few months. And I loved them both! :)

I went through a similar phase to you, where The Carpenters was pretty much the only thing I listened to for several months. I have a broad taste in music, and I listen to a wide range of artists and genres (except for rap), but I still always find myself coming back to Karen and Richard rather frequently.

(P.S. Despite his age, Manilow actually put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. I didn't care that I was (probably) the youngest person there.)
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