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Yesterday Once More - Special Anniversary Edition

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Calvin R Murty

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Hi Everyone,

Singapore has just released a Special Anniversary Edition of Yesterday Once More - Greatest Hits 1969 to 1983. It is basically the same as the usual YOM double CD, but this is remastered on Gold Discs, has a bonus lyric booklet and the CD Jewel Case comes in an attractive slide in Gold cardboard holder, with the C's logo in red - quite nice actually. Singapore TV has also been advertising this CD quite often in the past week.

Wanted to Post a picture but realised I left my digital camera at home (at work now). Will do so if can figure out how.


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Sounds amazing, Calvin. Thanks for the info! I'm sure there will be more than a few Cornerites to obtain a copy of this special CD.



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Calivin R. Murty sent me a pic of his GOLD Yesterday Once More CD set so I posted the pic along with a description.

You can see it here
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