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Yesterday Once More

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I just purchased the Remastered Classics Now and Then and I noticed that Yesterday Once More was a lot different. I own the Singles 1969-1973 and it was released in '73 so I didn't think that Yesterday Once More had changed all that much since the original release of Now and Then was also in 1973. I thought that the Singles 69-73 CD was just like the version on vinyl. Did it ever change? Is their a single version of Yesterday Once More that is different then the original album version? Can someone help me before I get confused? :laugh: :laugh:


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The original album version of "Yesterday Once More" on Now And Then IS different - and it can only be found on the Remastered Classic CD or original vinyl. I like to call that one the 'unfinished' mix, since it almost sounds that way with the missing oboe part near the end.

When Singles 1969-1973 came along on vinyl, Richard included the single mix on that album. It makes sense - singles album, single version - it only it were all that simple!

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It's so nice to have Harry around with such quick answers, thanks Harry, sometimes I get confused myself about all the remixes & stuff.

But like raz42289 mentioned, I can always tell when something is different about a track. if it's just a little diff I can hear it.

I just can't always know from memory when Richard did it & what year & how many times he changed it.

So thanks for your replies to these, I enjoy reading them, I figure if I read about it long enough, I may just remember it all. LOL

...amazed at Harry's recollection of Richard's mixing tracks, online....


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Yes, you are always good and informative, Harry. That really goes to show you love the duo's music very much and I really like it.

I kinda remember that in one of the C's fan club newsletters and a little A&M's pamphlet called Compendulum, Richard told about adding some elements to the original mix and the George Harrison style guitar effect.

I suppose that some of you had a copy of Now & Then cassete that has the original mix at that time of its release and mine is the one that includes that Single mix so it was probably repalced somewhere back in time. Did that happen on vinyl, too?


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There are other subtle differences. The piano in the chorus is more prodinant, ( esp. right before Karen sings, It's Yesterday, Once More....but could be lack of other instruments that makes it that way,(maybe even a guitar/drum riff takes the place or is added, a lack of my memory) and the background overdubbs do not have as many vocal parts. It does have a different lingering because of this.

I prefer the single mix. The 1985 remix adds more percussion and a chord roll of the syntheser (around the part: it was songs of love that I would sing to them.) This sounds better on LP and tape, but on CD, the older mixes sound better, for the added instruments are almost too forward and clean in sound compared to the rest.

Another reason to buy all the remasterd classic series.
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