🎵 AOTW AOTW: Lee Michaels BARREL (A&M SP 4249)

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A&M SP 4249


This is the fourth album from Organist Lee Michaels, born 11-24-45 in L.A.

Side One: Mad Dog 3:44/ What now America 3:25/ Uummmm My Lady 3:00/ Thumbs 4:05/ *When Johnny Comes Marching Home 2:04.

Side Two: ** Murder in my heart for the Judge 3:36/ Day of Change 3:32/ Think I'll Cry 2:42/ Games 3:09/ Didn't Know What I Had 3:12/ As long as I can 1:27.

All songs by Lee Michaels, LaBrea Music/ Sattwa Music (ASCAP) except *traditional (same publishers) and ** D. Stevenson, South Star Music BMI

Producer Larry Marks/ Guitar Drake Levin/ Drum kit Frosty/ Studio Lee Michaels' Recording Ranch Inc., Mill Valley, CA
Art Direction Tom Wilkes/ Inside Spread Design Chuck Beeson
Photo front and back cover Jim McCrary; inside spread Jim McCrary and Tom Wilkes

CD: reissued by One-Way Records in 1996 (OW 33643)


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Not much to say here. It's taken time for me to grow to enjoy Lee Michaels' music. Too "hard" for my tastes when he was contemporary and too "dated" for modern times...

--Mr Bill
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