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A&M SP-4397

An understanding of Magma's 3rd album and 1st U.S. release requires some background to place it into context. Your patience is appreciated!

Drummer and Composer Christian Vander created the fictitious planet Kobia and wrote the lyrics of Magma's albums in the Kobian language, which is similar to German. Musically Magma's dense and stark arrangements have been compared to Frank Zappa, King Crimson and Classical Composers Orff and Wagner.
With SP 4397 representing (in the U.S.) a backward trilogy, comparisons to "Star Wars" are inevitable.

Part One -- THEUSZ HAMTAAKHH (1970). After observing Earth going to Hell in a Handbasket, a group of explorers decide to leave the planet and create a more enlightened society. They find a distant planet, name it Kobia and settle it. Later the Earthlings learn about the new civilization and convince Kobian representatives to return and assist them.

Part Two -- WURDAH ITAH (1971). When the Kobians arrive on Earth they get a huge ceremonial welcome. That changes after they meet with world leaders and explain that in order to achieve 'purification and enlightenment' they must surrender their mortal life.
Understandably feeling threatened, they imprison the Kobians, who escape only after their own leaders intervene.

Part Three -- MEKANIK DESTRUKTIW KOMMANDOH (SP 4397 -- 1973).
This album deals with the Earthlings' reaction to the prophet Nebehr Gudatt's warning that they can only escape doom by sacrificing their mortal life and attaining a state of grace.
A large protest march is organized, but slowly the Spirit of the Universe convinces the Earthlings one at a time to follow the Prophet. They lose their lives but .... presumably they're happier.

Hortz Fur Dehn Stekehn West 9:36/ Ima Suri Dondai 4:30/ Kobaia is de Hundin 3:33.

Da Zeuhi Wortz Mekanik 7:50/ Nebehr Gudahtt 6:03/ Mekanik Kommandoh 4:09/ Kreuhn Kuhmahn iss de Hundin 3:13.

All selections composed by Christian Vander, Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP).

Credits (roughly translated from Kobian to English)

Christian Vander -- drums, vocals, organ, percussion
Jannik Top - bass
Klaus Blasquiz -- vocals, percussion
Jean-Luc Manderlier -- piano, organ
Rene Garber -- bass clarinet, vocals
Claude Olmos -- guitar
Stella Vander -- choir, Organik Kommandeuhr
Choir Muriel Streisfeld, Evelyne Razymovski, Michele Saulnier, Doris Reihnardt, Stella Vander
Teddy Lasry -- brass, Organik Kommandeuhr, FLute
Brass Section
"Loulou" Sarkissian Mekanik Stage Manager
Giorgio Gomelsky -- producer

A lyric sheet (in Kobian) is contained within

Reissued on CD by Seventh Rex Records, Diffusion Harmonia Mundi, as Seventh Rex XII (made in France by MPO; UZMK Zeuhl Wortz Kosmik);
available via and

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This is a German group; a sort of Harold Faltermeyer & Kraftwerk with a lil' Munich Machine (Sylver Convention, Boney M) of it's time...



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And from a Feb. 2020 interview, we now know this was among Herb Alpert's favorite signings.
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