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Bless the Beasts....Academy Awards tv appearance...


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Hi All,
Are there any videos that were rumoured, or that were shown on TV but never seen....

Like, I wish I had seen their performance on the 1972 Oscars for Bless the Beasts and the Children, although apparently they lip-synced, I believe told to me by Ev when I asked her.

Also, did she ever sing SOLITAIRE in concert in 1975? I wish there were clips of the duets and trios she and RC did with Neil Sedaka....I've always loved his LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN and there is a little snippet in an interview that Karens sings of it....

My thoughts,

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I read that Richard had all of their concerts video taped. Is that true? Or were they just audio recordings, or neither?
Richard taped the audio of all of their shows for his own collection. I don’t believe that anything was videotaped, except for what we know about already. But who knows?


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I was the one who wrote that question to RC ha ha ha...but I had heard a fan say they remember her singing it in 1975....so I was curious if they had tried that song out once or twice....it's such a beautiful song....Canadian songstress Jann Arden covered that song SOLITAIRE on her album, she is a huge Karen fan
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