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Simon KC1950

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The Carpenters were near me on this day in 1974!!! (Well I wasn't born but) they were in Liverpool for performances at the Empire Theatre.

Simon KC1950

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Backstage photo


That's the smile of two people who, according to their promotor, were on the biggest British tour since the Beatles, grossing $250,000 (and the same amount returned to fans who couldn't see them) and that week had the No.1 album and three others in the Top 50 and a single entering the Top 20.

UK Charts for the week of 16/2/74
-The Singles 1969-1973 No.1 (third week atop)
-Now & Then No. 29
-A Song For You No. 38
-Close To You No.50
-Jambalaya No.19
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