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Happy 70th Birthday Karen 💛

Carpe diem

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Happy 70th Karen!!:love: Not a day of sadness but a day of joy. You brought some real beauty into this sometimes ugly world. What a blessing you were! To quote Tony Peluso in a documentary I saw the other night; "I certainly miss her, the whole world does. To me, she was the greatest singer who ever lived, and I got to play with her." Amen Tony!

John Adam

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Yeah, I think I like the idea of remembering her birth and her life, is better than commemorating her death.
I guess with many of the great female singers from the 70's all over 70 now, it doesn't seem so odd. But what is awesome is that she lived almost 33 years, and now is a legend because of what she gave us in such a short lifespan!

Thank you Richard for keeping the legend alive in all of us, and sweetness in our ears! Happy Birthday Karen Carpenter. We miss you, too!

Peter Dawe

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An old friend of Karen's sent me beautiful photos of her resting place today, after visiting for Karen's 70th birthday and leaving wonderful flowers from all the fans. Please see the photos in the Facebook group Newville Avenue Carpenters fans


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Can you post them here? I don't use Facebook. Thanks. Ps. Thank you Happy Birthday Karen and thank you Richard. My first memories of music at all was their music and her voice. I was born in 72, so they are in my DNA. I was hooked from the beginning of my life and always will be. xo


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More Tributes:
March 2... "In celebration of the music of The Carpenters on what would've been Karen Carpenter's 70th birthday,
we're showcasing the best of their hits. Listen to East Coast Gold from 9-10am today for a special feature."
Tribute to Karen Carpenter


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Yesterday, Karen's birthday remembrance for me started in the car hearing "Superstar" on Sirius XM's 70s on 7 station in the morning, and ended in the car again hearing "Superstar" this time on Sirius' Channel 70 (Love). What lovely "by chance" bookends for me on this special day! I never grow tired of hearing Karen sing those poignant and expressive lyrics...and Richard's arrangement of this song is masterful...

Carpe diem

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Thought i would post this here due to the occasion like i said yesterday happy birthday to karen and thank you richard for the timeless music you created along with your sister.
I really like this video as we get a glimpse of the interior of the Newville Ave house. It's kinda grainy, but Karen is healthy and beautiful. It's funny the way she meticulously examines her gifts and then takes them upstairs. It's hard to believe that Karen and Richard could just come and go from the family home on a residential cul-de-sac in suburbia with no security detail. They were international superstars when this video was taken. My, how times have changed!
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