Karla Bonoff Concert & the lost A&M Bryndle album


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A standing room only crowd assembled last night for a small venue show by Singer/Songwriter Karla Bonoff. She performed at the Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN, which normally seats around 75 but barely held the 125 present.

She played a host of old and new numbers, rotating between acoustic guitar and piano with vocal proficiency which remains strong at age 67. Accompanying her on acoustic and electric guitar was Nina Gerber, who has recorded some instrumental discs of her own.

Bonoff gained prominence in the mid-70's when her writing came to the attention of Linda Ronstadt, who included several of Karla's songs on her 'HASTEN DOWN THE WIND' album in 1976. Bonoff has done several successful albums of her own, with her first album including her own versions of "Lose Again" and "Someone to Lay Down Beside Me," made famous earlier by Ronstadt.

The show lasted around two hours including a brief intermission. Some of Gerber's soothing instrumentals were inserted allowing a vocal break.

This was my first time to see Karla live since the fall 1995 reunion of her early '70s band Bryndle. With her in that group were Wendy Waldman, Kenny Edwards and Andrew Gold. Two albums with domestic and international tours came from this reformation. Edwards and Gold have passed away since then.

In 1970 Bryndle recorded an album for A&M which was slated to be released as 'SP 4278' but instead was shelved. Only one 45 single came out at that time. Many fans (including me) would like to hear these tracks, as there was certainly lots of early talent and potential displayed. After the show we had ample opportunity to meet the artists at the merchandise table.

As far as she knows A&M still owns the recordings, unless they were lost, stolen, deteriorated or destroyed in that recent big fire.

Bonoff is on tour to promote her lastest album, a collection of live versions of new and old compositions. Check her website for nearby show dates and catch one if you can.



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