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Does anyone know when the song "Tradewinds" which appears on the "Lost Treasures" album was recorded? The first time I heard that song I thought, "That's the Herb Alpert sound if I ever heard it." And then I noticed that Herb wrote the song. His playing on it is so very expressive. Anyway---when was it recorded? Just curious.


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Nobody Really knows as the Lost Treasures album is a compilation I offer my opinion what I think to me judging by the sound and arrangement for me it sounds like it could be a 1969 recording Herb was making generous use of string sections by that point as evidenced on the albums "Warm" and "The Brass are Comin". Again just a guess on my part


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Many of those trumpet parts on the Lost Treasures tracks were re-recorded.


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It's definitely from the YSTSB -- Coney Island era given the strong '70s vibe. Although the horn could have been added later, As Rudy points out, it, nevertheless, is consistent in technique and sonics with those LPs. Fine performance all around.
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