"Ocean Song" - another version

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I happened to run across this nice version of "Ocean Song" which was covered by Lani Hall on her debut solo album. This one is by Mary Hopkin, from 1971.

Here's a comment from the songwriter, Liz Thorsen, on YouTube, from November 2019:

I am Liz Thorsen, now Liz Allen. Mary's voice on this song and her interpretation are really beautiful. For people who may be interested in my having written this song, Ocean Song and Earth Song were written from deep inside me, as a young woman in the middle of a tumultuous world. Much like the one we find ourselves in now. I made use of songwriting as a vehicle, but in the end, it was the message, and the aspiration that needed to share themselves. I hope they help orient anyone looking for a deeper response to a chaotic world.
Makes me wonder if she's ever heard the Lani Hall version.
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