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⭐ Official Review [Single]: 5. "FOR ALL WE KNOW"/"DON'T BE AFRAID" (1243-S)

Which side is your favorite?

  • Side A: "FOR ALL WE KNOW"

    Votes: 34 82.9%
  • Side B: "DON'T BE AFRAID"

    Votes: 7 17.1%

  • Total voters


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I guess every composer explores a range of styles and writes for a variety of purposes. Fred Karlin was one of the writers of ‘For All We Know’. How would you describe that song? ‘Sublime...heavenly....majestic.... beautiful....’ I can’t imagine it ever being described negatively. However, I’m glad that Richard and Karen didn’t choose to record ‘Come Follow, Follow Me’, another of Fred’s compositions (with Marsha Karlin), which was actually also nominated for an Academy Award. ‘Come Follow, Follow Me’ doesn’t appeal to me, on first hear, whereas I’ve always loved ‘For All We Know’. Others may have different opinions, of course. The two songs are from totally different types of films, by the way. This song is from a children’s movie.

Don’t forget that Karlin also wrote another song that the Carpenters covered...”Leave Yesterday Behind”.


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Nice this threat has come around again, now I get to vote. Definitely Side A. A huge selling point on the song besides Karen's brilliant vocal is Joe Osborn's cascading bass...Love Karen's live rendition of it from the 1971 BBC Carpenters TV Special. What a lovely specimen KC was;

Yes, a great live performance - and so was her rendition of SUPERSTAR on the same show...

I like DON'T BE AFRAID too and felt it should have been the first single off OFFERING instead of TICKET - their version of TICKET is great but AFRAID had more immediate potential to be a light-hearted, feel-good pop hit. It could have been backed with ALL OF MY LIFE (which is the first song actually sung by Karen that appears in THE KAREN CARPENTER STORY movie - actually, an emotion stirring moment!).
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