Swedish Herb Alpert tribute


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I have prided myself in knowing all most all there is to know when it comes to Herb and the TJB here in this remote northern corner of Europe, so I had a big surprise a few days ago when I discovered an album by the Swedish artist "Lill-Babs" or Barbro Svensson(her real name) from 1967 that is a Herb Alpert tribute album that I had never heard of. "Lill-Babs" was a superstar in her native Sweden and famous all over northern Europe. (She passed away at 80 in 2018). I was able to get hold of the LP and it sounds really good with nice arrangements in the TJB style and excellent vocals by "Lill-Babs". It contains vocal versions of Surfing Señorita, Spanish Flea, More And More Amor, Brasilia, So What's New, Mame, Mae, Plucky, I Will Wait For You, Cinco De Mayo and Tijuana Taxi with Swedish lyrics. It's really fun to listen to, especially, I must admit, if you know the language.
On the cover they have "swedified" Herb Alpert's name to "Herbert Alpertsson". It's a bit corny, but very tongue in cheek. The album can be seen on Discogs at this link:

- greetings from the cold north -

Looks like fun, Martin.
It is. Especially because of the quality of the arrangements and vocals. Apparently it was not a big commercial success, and the cover is really "corny" even by 1967 standards, but the production itself is really worth listening to.
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