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Looking through Discogs, not only was "Street Party" on #18, it was also on #17.


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nowadays they would have been "Interesting collectibles "
A local record store used to have some of the A&M promos (such as 4-track album samplers), and I bet they would have had something like this for only a couple of dollars each, back in the day. They've been gone for decades--the owner sucked the profits out to start a music club/theater that has since changed hands every few years.

Mr Bill

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What Harry describes only occurs on 5 of the 41 ForePlays I own... Most of the later ones are straight cuts form the albums in their entirety. They are truly wonderful samplers -- particularly in the random order of cuts: where else will you hear Ali Thompson's "Give a Little Rhythm" followed by The Cramps' "GooGooMuck"???

--Mr Bill


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They indeed had different titles. White label promos. My earliest one says Sampler on the label. It’s from the 2 record set The (artists names) album. A&M 8096. I only bought ones with Carpenters on them. It has Don’t Be afraid on side 2. From Ticket To Ride. The inner sleeve shows album covers, and has Close To You and Carpenters among them. It has a gatefold sleeve. B&W pic of Carpenters inside. Picture of Ticket lp among others on back cover. I’m guessing it’s from 1971? Why they chose that cut is beyond me. Cool though. Fog and Spice by Tim Weisberg is among the other cuts. Foreplay #12 1978, has Ave Maria/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Foreplay #44 has WYBIMLA June 1981. A&M Summer Spectacular A&M 8330, 1975 has Solitaire 4:42 version. Most don’t give times, but this album does. My favorite is the Valentines Day sampler Love That Music A&M LTM-1 it has CTY, Herb Alpert This Guy...
Peter Allen I Honestly Love You, and many other great tunes. 16 cuts! It can be done. 8 cuts a side. Nice color cover. Then there were ones called Hit Kit. A&M 8430 has AYGFLIALS, the songs are from different years, not just 1977. The last one I have is Hit Kit A&M 8444, it has the Calling Occupants edited version, 1977.
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