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Weirdest Carpenters dreams you had


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I remember one time I was there at the house, in my dreams when the Karen Carpenter Story was being filmed and Ma and Pa Carpenter were there with Cynthia and then magically Karen was there...

Another time I was at the house on Newville Ave and RC was giving me a bit of a tour and then we were in the basement, almost like underground hallways of archives (of which I have worked at, with vaults) and I wanted to stay and look at stuff but he was hurrying me thru.....

What dreams have you had thru the years?



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I still remember the “Time of My Life Dream” since it had Karen singing “I’ve had the time of my life” from ‘Dirty Dancing’. Karen was sitting at a grand piano, playing the song as well, while Richard was in a rocking chair with a little baby, rocking it. And the whole setting seemed to be from the “Calling Occupants” music video where Karen had the green pant suit on and there were shots of things from outer space.


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Does it count if I fell asleep to the album Horizon playing in my earphones as a teenager and had a dream of Karen singing "Happy" to me, then waking up during that high-pitched synth part to turn off my iPod?

I actually have memories of dreaming about Carpenters performances, single-camera music video-style.


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well in my dream, karen was in a movie! i only remember one scene, there was a guy next to karen and she was wearing a cute blue dress. she was v cute


Bright colored pinwheels go 'round in my head.
I had a Carpenters dream the other night. I was in the middle of watching the Don Knotts Show/Interpretations performance of "Close to You" then all of a sudden the background was dark blue, not yellow (à la "(A Place To) Hideaway"). Then, magically, it turned back yellow and the performance continued as if nothing happened. Weird.


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Hanging out with her and others in an RV I think, but there were all sorts of pretty scenery in the background. Something like that. More of random images popping up. Can't really explain it.
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