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When I Fall in Love


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Just went to see Michael Buble, and he sang WIFIL. Beautiful! Go see him if you haven't. He sounds just as great live. What a voice!

I flashed back to seeing Karen do it in Vegas about 1977, years before Music, Music, Music or its appearance on Lovelines. It was a showstopper- and led into I Need to Be in Love. She and Buble? They would have done a beautiful duet together.


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Easily, one of my favorites from Karen and Richard.
So, the duo sang When I Fall In Love as segue to I Need To Be In Love ?
That had to have sounded awesome !

Unfortunately, Michael Buble's voice does virtually nothing for me,
I do enjoy Josh Groban, though.
Interesting how tastes vary from person to person.

Carpe diem

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WIFIL was one pop standard that I'm glad RC recorded Karen on because it is just exquisite (vocal & arrangement)!:love:

Nice to hear you had a good time at the concert Mark! :)
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