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When the b-side became an a-side


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We all know the story of "A Taste Of Honey". It had been a b-side to "3rd Man Theme" and Herb felt it was the better track, and it became a monster hit.

But going through the singles catalog, there are a few other interesting examples of other b-sides that ultimately became an a-side, and even one that returned again to a b-side. (Why do I hear Casey Kasem when I read that sentence?)

One b-side got used twice. "Love So Fine" had been a b-side to "Carmen", and showed up again as the b-side to "Yo Soy Ese Amor", the Spanish "This Guy's..." track.

An a-side that tried twice was "Without Her". It was issued during the WARM years with "Sandbox" as its b-side. Later on, a single was issued with two songs that had both been on singles before, "Without Her" and "Zazuiera". It's hard to tell on that second one, AM 1337, which is the a-, and which is the b-side. The "Without Her" track is credited to the SOLID BRASS album, while "Zazuiera" is credited to WARM. Since SOLID BRASS was newer, I'd think that was the a-side being promoted.

Much later, in the 80s, Herb issued a single of "Garden Party" with a b-side of "Oriental Eyes". The very next Alpert single on the label was indeed "Oriental Eyes". And then, somewhat strangely, "Oriental Eyes" once again became the b-side to "Bullish".

When "Keep Your Eye On Me" was issued as a single, it's b-side was "Our Song", which later was issued as its own a-side single.
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