🎵 12" SotW Rick James: "High On Your Love Suite" b/w "You and I" (Motown M 00012 D1, released 1979)

Rick James
"High On Your Love Suite" b/w "You and I"

Motown Records M 00012 D1
Released 1979
Speed: 33⅓ RPM

A: High On Your Love Suite/One Mo Hit (Of Your Love) 7:20
A.1: Intro
A.2: High On Your Love*
A.3: Break
A.4: One Mo Hit (Of Your Love)
B: You And I 8:04
B.1: Intro
B.2: You And I
B.3: Dance On The Funk


This could essentially be considered a "double A-side" 12-inch single as the A-side included the current hit "High On Your Love Suite" from the album Bustin' Out of L Seven, and the B-side the main hit from James' previous album Come Get It. Both are the album versions of these tracks but are cut a bit hotter than the album versions, having more punch to the sound. The record claims to be "Disco Eye-Cued," as both sides are banded between sections as shown above in the track listing; I have yet to see another Motown 12-inch single with the Eye-Cued banding, though.

"You and I" was the first Rick James hit I heard on local radio, and a year later the "High On Your Love Suite" became popular as the first single from his latest album. For this single, I only found it in the catalog at the record store and had to special order it; thankfully they were able to get ahold of it. This single is good for having two of James' hits all on one disc, without having to dip into the albums. A good example of his "punk funk" style from this era. He would go towards a more synthesizer-driven approach with his later hit "Cold Blooded." This one is not too difficult to find--prices as of this writing start around $2 and there are a few dozen available. As these are the album versions, they can be found on the original albums, as well as any compilations they may appear on.

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