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🎵 12" SotW Musique: "Keep On Jumpin'" b/w "In The Bush" (Prelude Records PRL D 163, released 1979)

"Keep On Jumpin'" b/w "In The Bush"

Prelude Records PRL-D-163
Released 1979
Speed: 33⅓ RPM

A1: Keep On Jumpin' [7:02]
B1: In The Bush [7:35]

Available in an earlier version from 1978, Prelude PRL-D-154, with the A- and B-side swapped, as "In The Bush" was the group's first single release.


PRL-D-163 is the version I purchased, where "Keep On Jumpin'" was the single being pushed to radio and the clubs. As such, it topped the dance club charts in 1979. The flip side is "In The Bush," a sweaty single-entendre song that some radio stations banned. (Apparently not ours, as I'd heard it played there a few times.) The group itself was a studio-only project of producer Patrick Adams, one of many producers who created in-studio "groups" which were essentially session musicians and vocalists assembled for a particular project. Musique's first "album" was essentially both tracks from this 12-inch single (in different mixes) along with "Summer Love" and "Summer Love Theme." The Francois Kevorkian mixes on this 12-inch single differ only slightly from the albums, and parts of the track are shuffled here and there.

An old friend of mine from high school, his aunt was a member of this group! When he told me this fact, it was 1983 and the group had disbanded by then, but he told me she was still pursuing music but on her own. Yep, from the title alone, it was very risque but still managed to get airplay here in New York on the disco/club radio stations.

Patrick Adams was also the producer of the early 70s R&B teen group/trio Black Ivory who had a few hits such as "You and I", "Don't Turn Around" and a remake of Michael Jackson's "Got To Be There". They had a strong Jackson Five/Temptations influence which got them over with the Soul music loving audience, but they soon faded away. In the late 90s-2000s, they reunited and did some concerts in the North and South. Coincidentally , a few weeks after Herb and Lani and their band performed at the City Winery here in NY in 2019, Black Ivory performed there as well! Coincidence, huh?

Take care, my friends!
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