🎵 12" SotW A Number of Names: "Skitso (You're My Friend)" b/w "Sharevari" (Quality/RFC Records QRFC 027)

A Number of Names
"Skitso (You're My Friend)" b/w "Sharevari"

Quality/RFC Records QRFC 027
Released 1982
Speed: 33⅓ RPM

A1: Skitso (You're My Friend) (Short Vocal Version) 6:18
A2: Sharevari (Vocal Version) 5:45
B1: Skitso (Long Vocal Version) 7:41
B2: Sharevari (Instrumental Version) 6:10


This is a somewhat rare and, in some circles, overlooked single by the short-lived group, A Number of Names. The song "Sharevari" proved to be a very influential and pioneering single (the group only released these two songs), but "Sharevari" was one of the very first Detroit techno releases. (Detroit techno has become a large and popular sub-genre of the music scene, resulting in the still-ongoing Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, founded in 2006.) "Sharevari" was named for a Detroit party club "Charivari" (which itself was named after a chain of upscale clothing stores). The group was centered around high school pals Paul Lesley and Sterling Jones, who enlisted the help of others for arrangements and additional vocals and synths. The group got a boost when the Charivari club played their single and was overheard by legendary Detroit DJ The Electrifying Mojo, who promoted and supported it. As the influence swelled, the group reconvened in 2001 for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (as it was called at the time) and an album of remixes appeared in 2002 featuring work by Detroit-area artists/DJs.

I only stumbled across this single because our local R&B station was playing the clever track "Skitso (You're My Friend)" in heavy rotation for months in 1982, so my copy of this, purchased new, was probably only $3.99 at the local Harmony House. As I write this today, prices for the single are $65 and up. I had filed it away once the buzz had passed but was unaware of how "Sharevari" had become such an underground hit for Detroit techno. My copy is featured below in the video.

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