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Official Review [Album]: "AS TIME GOES BY" (UICY-1060)


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Beyond a doubt, my favorite tracks on As Time Goes By are the early recordings:
NoWhere Man and California Dreamin'. Which point brings me to a question:
Why hasn't Richard cleaned-up and released Your Navy Presents sessions ? They are terrific and one of
the few instances where Mr. Guder is slowed in tempo, altered a bit and sounds great (Flat Baroque is also slower and better).
Their recording of Can't Buy Me Love is distinctive and also deserves notice.
While I am listening to early material, might also include the instrumental Strangers In The Night, it is creative.
Of course, the point in all of this is that Carpenters' were much more than just Close To You type songs.
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The TV show Make Room For Daddy featured Tony Bennett singing Without A Song, Jan 1959.
Surely makes me appreciate--all the more--what Karen and Richard did with the song !


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I am not a Tony Bennett fan but his performance gave me chills. I thought it to be solid and interpretative with a good arrangement.
But I always prefer Karen.
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