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Holidays! EXCLUSIVE! Merry Christmas, Darling: Carpenters Public TV Special and DVD

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by newvillefan, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Active Member

    What do you mean by 480? 480 is just standard-definition NTSC video! Yeah the videos will look better because they would be coming from a source better than VHS SLP (either the original analog 2-inch/1-inch or U-Matic or higher-quality analog dub, like Betacam SP or digital dub such as DVCPRO or Digital Betacam). But 480 still stands for 720 X 480 NTSC video (or 640 x 480 in square pixels).
  2. Murray

    Murray Well-Known Member

    Picture quality in the days of analog TV was measured in "(scan) lines of resolution" rather than "pixels". NTSC broadcast TV had 480 visible lines. VHS tape, even at the fastest speed (SP), was incapable of recording the full broadcast quality. A prerecorded tape might have 320 lines max. Tapes recorded on a home VHS recorder typically only had 240 lines of resolution at SP, and as low as 170 lines at SLP/EP speed. When you add all the additional quality loss from generations of dubbing, the VHS copies of the specials we have or watch on YouTube are totally abysmal. No one has seen the Carpenters specials at anywhere near 480 resolution since the original broadcast! The clips on the DVD will be in the original 480 broadcast quality, which will be light years better than we've seen them before. I think that's why Chris is excited!
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  3. K.C. Jr

    K.C. Jr Well-Known Member

    Yes! That is one amazing vocal job!
  4. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Active Member

    I'm well aware of the "measurement" of analog TV, in which case the number of lines really carries the same amount of weight as "hypo-allergenic" carries on health and beauty products. (Plus I've seen documents from VHS manufacturers that stated that the maximum number of lines for VHS at SP was 202, while others have posted it at 320 lines---for regular VHS in SP; we're not talking S-VHS here or SLP/EP. Even Mini-DV doesn't have a set analog lines of resolution, since most places state 500 lines, but then Sony prints that Mini-DV's max is 530. (https://docs.sony.com/release//MiniDVinsert.pdf)) Even the original RCA engineers that created the Kell Factor, which is what people quote when they say number of lines, stated years later that "Kell Factor" was made up to satisfy RCA marketing, so that they could stick something on a sticker and market it to people. [I've even transferred some Betamax B1 recordings, and those looked close to 3/4 U-matic tape.

    But one thing that really would've helped those YouTube uploads was if the tapes had been transferred by S-Video, instead of composite. And if the VCR's used for the transfers had been high-quality VCR's and not low-end cheapies. People could've even have uploaded BIII Betamax copies and still made them look terrible.

    But yeah, on YouTube, really we are seeing about 240p, as most software throws away one full field in order to give you "good" looking progressive scan video.
  5. Nick

    Nick Member

    No one has offered to help us out...yet!
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  6. Hi everyone - - we couldn't be more pleased to present Christmas Memories from The Carpenters this holiday season. Check local listings on your public tv station. Please remember, the show is part of public tv's winter fund drive - - your support of last year's special allowed us to come back with this all new bonus segment and dvd, thanks to all here for making our second special with the Carpenters a reality - and a very special thanks to Richard and Jim for working on these great full length moments you'll see on public television starting in late November/early-mid December. We've posted an early preview clip reel on my facebook page - - TJ Lubinsky II | Facebook »
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  7. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    TJ, is there any possibly that we can order this early like we did with the 3 CD Singles set? I'd like to have this before Christmas. Thank again.

    Oh and for those of us not on facebook how can we watch the clip? I don't see it from the link you provided.
  8. Hey Rick, any of my facebook pages have the first preview: Try TJ Lubinsky | Facebook »

    Most stations should have it up for pre-order in the next week or so - the dvd is available by itself for a donation to your local public tv station. For some frustrated that this is a public tv only release - - let me be clear, there is absolutely no plan for any non-public tv release. But if this show is successful - we hope to do more. We said that last year - - and here we are this year with this new bonus segment and expanded dvd of this material. This is happening because of everyone's contribution to their local public tv station. We're not sure the demand - - but these are custom manufactured - so generally the first pledges in, get the first orders fulfilled and thanks to the support of Richard for this special project.

    I think it's important to remember national tv broadcast brings millions of potential Carpenters fans exposure to their music in a very positive way - - the more the first special and this new one air together, the more exposure for Karen and Richard's music to first generation fans and new generation fans.

    We are very grateful to everyone here (and Harry especially) for sharing this news, and supporting their local station. But I can not emphasize enough how important it is for continued support of your local public tv station at renewal time during the Carpenters broadcast of the show. If you've already gave last year, please consider an additional amount this year in whatever amount works for you. Though some of us here may have seen the first show air - - many millions more have not - - think of it this way, every time it plays there's potential for a new Carpenters fan is born or many of the masses to be reminded just how great they are. We can only do more with local support to local public tv stations - - that's the only way this effort was made to happen. So beyond just the dvd thank you gift, please consider what public tv has done in your life and how your continued support not only keeps the Carpenters music playing - - but all the local stations do 365 days a year. Thank you all for consideration and help getting the word out to other fans to tune into (and support) public tv this holiday season.

    TJ Lubinsky
    Creator/Executive Producer, "My Music" as seen on public tv
  9. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    Thank you I can see the video now, this is so awesome I can't wait to order this. We have been wanting this for soooo long!!! Thank you TJ and Richard!!
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  10. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

    Thanks, Jeff! Just placed my order! Glad that this one's on the less expensive option! How exciting! Still can't believe this is a reality! Hope we see another DVD in the future.
  11. Mark-T

    Mark-T Well-Known Member

    Well, I can't afford any of these. Maybe the next release will be something I can.
  12. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

    Folks, remember that you can spread out the payment over 1 year---that's $6 a month for the DVD. I'm thrilled to be donating to Iowa Public Television. Growing up that's what I always watched.
  13. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    Not sure if TJ can answer this question but I'm interested to know if I order this through my local PBS station does that mean I will get the DVD faster in the mail? Obviously if some PBS stations (possibly ones not in the state you live) are taking orders around thanksgiving ones DVD would ship earlier than s PBS station that is not airing this till December.

    I honestly don't know where to order from since my local PBS station is not even showing it in their guide.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2016
  14. Actorman

    Actorman Active Member

    Wow! Looks like a much better deal this time around. I paid more than $204 the last time around for just The Complete Singles, Christmas Portrait and "Close To You" DVD.

    I'm very glad they are making the "Christmas Memories" DVD available as a standalone purchase.
  15. ullalume

    ullalume Well-Known Member

    I was hoping for some help. I'm based in the UK but in the past have ordered online, had the thing shipped to a friend in the states who then sends it on to me.

    But the PBS link won't even allow me to make a purchase. Is this an IP address thing, when only US citizens are allowed to donate to PBS. . .and is there any way around it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  16. Nick

    Nick Member

    I'd appreciate it if you could let me know too please? Also in the UK.
  17. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    The link that Jazz4Jeff provided above shows that if you click on the pledge for ordering the DVD and then click on view it takes you to another page that has the DVD tracklisting, the picture is not there yet but the track listing is present. Does anyone want to guess what the * means next to some of the songs, could that mean full length for those tracks? It doesn't mention what the * means.

    It looks like it will open with Karen in the white fur coat....I didn't know there was video for O Holy Night, instrumental video?

    Carpenters Christmas Memories DVD

    Sleigh Ride
    Winter Wonderland/Silver Bells/White Christmas
    It’s Christmas Time*
    O Holy Night
    Christ Is Born
    Merry Christmas Darling*
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town*
    The Christmas Alphabet*
    Carol Of The Bells*
    The Christmas Song
    Ave Maria*
    Make Me Laugh*

    Approx. Running Time: 50 minutes
  18. Chris

    Chris Active Member

    Rick, from what was described about the show so far, I would guess that the asterisks next to certain songs means that those are the ones that are only available on the DVD and will not be in the broadcast version.
    As for "O Holy Night", Richard performed it on the first Christmas special. I'm thrilled that "The Christmas Alphabet" will be included on the DVD. So excited.
  19. I took a post from above and added where the segments most likely came from (see below).

    A few things to note:

    Only two videos were pulled from their second Christmas special. Not too surprising because the only other songs that probably would have stood a chance would have been "The Nutcracker Suite" & "Toyland". Richard probably only wanted to include one piano performance and decided on "O Holy Night" from the first special. A shame, because the "The Nutcracker Suite" was wonderful as well. And knowing Richard as we do, he probably was not satisfied with his "Toyland" performance or perhaps he just wanted to avoid being in the spotlight again in another video without Karen. If it was the former, then I wish he would have multi-tracked his vocals like he usually does when he solos if that would have made him more comfortable with the result. It's a special video.

    Overall, I am very happy with the selections. Especially since it includes my personal favorite videos of "Merry Christmas Darling", and especially "Christ Is Born", which is my all-time favorite video by them. There will be a tissue box handy when I see that video on this DVD.

    Carpenters Christmas Memories DVD:

    Sleigh Ride (Carpenters At Christmas 1977)
    Winter Wonderland/Silver Bells/White Christmas (Carpenters At Christmas 1977)
    It’s Christmas Time* (Carpenters At Christmas 1977)
    O Holy Night (Carpenters At Christmas 1977)
    Christ Is Born (Carpenters At Christmas 1977)
    Merry Christmas Darling* (Carpenters Christmas Portrait 1978)
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town* (Perry Como Christmas Show 1974)
    The Christmas Alphabet* (Carpenters At Christmas 1977)
    Carol Of The Bells* (Perry Como Christmas Show 1974)
    The Christmas Song (Carpenters At Christmas 1977)
    Ave Maria* (Carpenters Christmas Portrait 1978)
    Make Me Laugh* (Dorothy Hamill Special 1977)
  20. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    Can someone provide a list of what could have been included that was eliminated?

    I wished more from 1978 Christmas Portrait was included. I'm bummed that Toyland wasn't included, we could finally get a good audio source from that if he had included it. I also don't understand why Kristy McNichol is the only actress to appear when they had many actors/actresses on their Christmas Specials.

    I also wonder if they held other performances back for a 2nd DVD for next year? Remember it was because of US.....the fans and public that made buying the 3 cd Singles Set such a success that they were able to go back and request more of these type programs from Carpenters. It shows the interest is still very strong for Carpenters.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2016
  21. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Active Member

    It's to bad that Toyland wasn't included. If that list is right we already have 3 of the videos on DVD (Ave Maria, Santa Claus..., Carol Of The Bells) on the Perry Como DVD (and Carol Of The Bells has the choir on the Como special). But it would've been nice if the "Brothers & Sisters" song with the McNichols was included.

    TJL, was there ever any thought about releasing the original Carpenters specials in their entirety?
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  22. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    I don't think The reason we don't have Toyland is because he didn't like it because he actually performed it again on Solid Gold tv show after Karen's passing and the performance came across the same way, perhaps the mood of the song is less Christmasy (sad feel).

    The clip that TJ previewed shows Karen at the family photos and talking from the Christmas Portrait show and that made me think they might show Toyland.
  23. Chris

    Chris Active Member

    I remember Richard performing "Home For the Holidays" on Solid Gold. Did he do "Toyland" on it again as well?
    Since we know that Richard is very particular when it comes to their TV appearances, I think he probably did only choose what he thought showcased them best. I think he chose well overall. The performances that are being left out are not as strong in my opinion. I adore "Christmas Alphabet" and I'm happy it will be included, but I never liked "Angel in the Christmas Play" nearly as much, and the 'Big brother / sister' number from the second special with Kristy and Jimmy is a lacking and not really Christmas related aside from the fact that they are in ski outfits.
  24. Chris May

    Chris May Resident 'Carpenterologist' Moderator

    I've been told that the final tweaks will be complete next week, with a ship time planned for the week after Thanksgiving. :)
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