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Heard Carpenters

AM Matt

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McDonalds opened back on September 2, 1999 (also Forward's Party Store) & Sanford, Michigan is 9 miles from Midland, MI & 25 miles from Clare, MI (Gateway To The North!!) Also Sanford, MI has a Subway restaurant which opened back in February of 2009 but that is it for the fast foods.


I Know My First Name Is Stephen
Now that’s what I call brexit

What a great playlist title! Here's my Carpenters Brexit playlist :laugh:

When It's Gone (It's Just Gone)
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
It's Going To Take Some Time
Hurting Each Other
Turn Away
If We Try
Leave Yesterday Behind
The Parting Of Our Ways
Where Do I Go From Here?
(Want You) Back In My Life Again
I'm Caught Between (Goodbye and I Love You)
Good Friends Are For Keeps


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(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays was on Star 102.1 at about 3:52 today. Just had started the car, previous song was coming to an end then it started playing. Couldn't have timed it better.

Jeff uk

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Lucky where I live in Lincolnshire, Compass Fm always play the Carpenters, yesterday played Touch Me when were dancing, and Solitare, which not heard on the radio for years!


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I've tuned in to our Orlando all-Christmas station three times over the last week. Every time, they were playing "Last Christmas" by the cast of GLEE.

I got word that a Tampa station is also now all-Christmas. Tuned them in this morning when Orlando was again playing the Glee thing. Tampa was playing the same song...


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Probably iheart Radio. Same here in California. At least they finally added Carpenters I’ll Be Home For Christmas and Home For The Holidays to their list. I’ve only heard Merry Christmas Darling once on the locally owned station. It sounds so stripped down after listening to the RPO version a hundred and fifty times all year. Still, it’s great to hear them on the radio at all......guess they “test” well at Christmas time anyway.


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Usually I've heard a few Carpenters songs on the holiday stations, but I haven't heard any yet. I'm disappointed. :sad:

Carpe diem

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Just heard ‘Christmas Waltz’ a couple of nights ago on Sirius FM.

Love the duo's version of that song. Let's us know Christmas will soon be here. I heard it quite a bit last year on over-the-air radio here in the northern California region along with some other Carpenters Christmas songs. Nice to know they're getting additional airplay besides just Merry Christmas Darling (which I love by the way).

New Horizons.

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I've heard a few Carpenters tracks recently on UK radio.Most recently was Merry Christmas Darling on BBC radio 2 Steve Wrights lovesongs and then just on Sounds of the 70's Johnnie Walker played Top of the world, mentioning it was number one this week in 1973 in the USA.
It had a little bit of an old interview at the start including Karen ( with a very happy laugh) and Richard talking about the song.Worth listening to.It's about ten minutes into todays show 1st December.


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I heard Merry Christmas Darling at Wells Fargo yesterday afternoon. It lifted my spirits a bit, which very much can use all the help they can get right now. It was beautiful. 1978 version.

New Horizons.

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Ticket to ride was on Paul O' Gradys bbc radio 2 show last night. Quite nice to hear on a Sunday teatime.
Merry Christmas Darling is on Smooth radio several times per day.


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I was shocked this morning to hear”An Old Fashioned Christmas” on our satellite station at work. I was also quite pleased. I didn’t think I would ever hear a Richard lead vocal on the radio in this day and age. It made my morning brighter.
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