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Ideal Essential Selection Box Set

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Viewing the revised Box Set release , I thought about the intention behind this re-issue from Mike's Ice Feature , Fans ideals and the possible Box Set that could have been issued :

Ideal Box Set Track Listing :

CD1 - caravan / parting of our ways / looking for love/ I'll be yours / iced tea/ you'll love me / all I can do / don't be afraid/your wonderful parade/ eve/ goodnight/get together/merry christmas darling / (15)

Plus extra tracks :

The Girl From Ipanema (1966-Trio) , California Dreaming (1967-Magic Lamp) , Nowhere Man(1967-Magic Lamp) , Ticket To Ride(1970-alternate from Your Navy Presents) , Can't Buy Me Love (1970-YNP) , Love Is Surrender(1970-YNP) , Close To You (alternate version) , We've Only Just Begun(alternate version) , Morton's Potato Adverts(1970) , For All We Know (alternate version).

CD2 -let me be the one/this masquerade/oldies medley/

Plus extra tracks :

Rainy Days (alternate version),Superstar(alternate version), Bless The Beasts(alternate version), Hurting Each Other (alternate version), It's Going To (alternate version) , I Won't Last (alternate version), A Song For You , Top Of The World(alternate version) , Goodbye To Love(extended version), Sing (live version) , Jambayla(alternate version) ,Yesterday Once More(alternate version), Jingle (US Radio), Studio Outtake(1973 Now & Then) , From The Heart (advert -Morinaga Hi Choc) , Leader Of The Pack(Live in Japan).

CD3-good friends are for keeps /ordinary fool/little altar boy/ave maria/

plus extra tracks :

Postman(alternate version), Only Yesterday(alternate version), Solitaire(alternate version), Desperado, Tryin'To Get (Remixed), Kind Of Hush(alternate version), I Need To Be (alternate version), One More Time, From This Moment On(live Remix) , Coming Thru' The Rye / Good Vibrations( live 1976 London Palladium), All You Get (alternate version) , Calling Occupants(Single Edit), Sweet , Sweet , Smile(alternate version), Santa Claus( original Single mix) , The Christmas Song (Remix) , Together At Christmas Again ( Richard Solo -2002), Toyland (1978 outtake).

CD4-where do I go/if I had you/1980 music , music TV medley/now

plus extra tracks :

You're The One , Thank You For The Music(197:shock:uttake), Play A Simple Melody(1978 Outtake), Make Believe(Karen Solo), I Believe You , Touch Me(alternate version), Those Good Old Dreams(alternate version),The Wedding Song (Edited Remix), Look To Your Dreams, I'll Be Seeing You(Karen version 1980) , You'll Never Know(Richard vocal 1980), Leave Yesterday Behind , The Rainbow Connection, Dancing In The Street, And When He Smiles, You're Just In Love, Karen/Ella Medley -All from As Tme Goes By (2001) Something In Your Eyes (Richard/ Dusty 1987), When Time Was All We Had (Richard-1987) , Karen's Theme (Richard -1997), Sometimes (Richard vocal -CPAC 1997).

This set would have included all the classic Singles and Hits ...... :)

Would have provided alternate versions of tracks from 1991 Box Set........ :)

Provided some Key Rarities that suit Box Sets better rather than other Studio or Rarities Albums....... :)

Included Key Solo material plus some recent Richard Carpenter material before New Solo Albums....... :)

Box Set with expanded Liner Notes , Credits, Rare Photos , Personal Track Contributions from Musicians etc

The Box Set could be sequenced differently from existing layout for a more thematic or song approach ?

Peter.... Dreaming of the Next Box Set......


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A box set of ALL alternate and rare material is a great idea! At least for us die-hard fans...

Here are some collections I'd like to see:

Carpenters: THE EARLY YEARS (box set)
containing early home recordings, all the Spectrum material, the 13 tracks recorded for RCA, all the Magic Lamp material, the CSULB songs featuring Karen on vocals, various live recordings (such as Battle of the Bands, All-American College Show, early concerts, etc.) and the complete "Your Navy Presents"

Carpenters: LIVE (box set)
a chronological 4-CD set featuring live recordings spanning their entire live-performance career. This was we could fit in some of the rarities for which no studio version was ever recorded, like the famous medley of songs from "Make Your Own Kind of Music." This would ALL be previously unreleased material -- nothing from the existing live albums to be included!

Carpenters: DUETS (1- or 2-CD release)
a collection of songs featuring the Carpenters singing with other artists. This could include songs from the TV specials (duets with John Denver, John Davidson, Suzanne Somers, Kristi McNichol, Gene Kelly Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.), AND it could include new songs -- Richard has said that there are a number of "partial leads" in the vaults, which are songs for which a complete work lead wasn't recorded, or songs without a complete, perfect lead. Songs like "Peter Pan Moon." Richard could turn these partial leads into duets, like Natalie Cole singing with Nat King Cole. Imaging bringing in someone like Josh Groban or Olivia Newton-John to complete a song as a duet!

Then there are some more obvious choices for CDs:

containing the original single mixes of all the songs that had mixes or edits which differed from the album mixes ("Ticket to Ride," "Close to You," "Please Mr. Postman," "Solitaire," etc.)

a CD containing all the music from various TV specials and appearances (the ORIGINAL versions of the songs)

Karen Carpenter: THE SOLO SESSIONS
the unreleased material from her solo album project

Carpenters: UNMIXED
I know we've all had enough remixes to last a lifetime, but this would be the opposite of the remixes -- a collection of Carpenters' hits containing only Karen's lead vocal and Richard accompanying on piano

Carpenters: DVD-AUDIO
and then there's the possibility of getting the entire Carpenters' catalog re-released in 5.1 channel audio as DVD-AUDIO or DTS or whichever format Universal would support...

Enough for now... I could go on and on about ideas for future releases!



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davidgra said:
Carpenters: DVD-AUDIO
and then there's the possibility of getting the entire Carpenters' catalog re-released in 5.1 channel audio as DVD-AUDIO or DTS or whichever format Universal would support...

This I have no doubt will appear in the future! If one of the DVD-audio formats catches on well enough, the labels will be mining their catalogs, once again, to sell us music we already own. (As an owner of three out of the four reissues of Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue, I guess they've already found one sucker! :wink: )

Whether or not they could do a tasteful job mixing to 5.1 would be the ultimate question. I'm not one for having instruments coming at me from all directions, but if they gave the recording depth, it would sound quite good.

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