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Is it confirmed that it is in fact Herb on Manha De Carnival? Doesn’t sound like him...
  • Main melody: I'm about "60% sure"
  • Fade: If that isn't Herb playing then I'll eat my 45 of Mexican Drummer Man

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I agree that the cuts off You Smile - The Song Begins (and "Fire & Rain") should be eliminated and replaced with the original 45 version of "Fire & Rain," "El Bimbo," the two Shout! WC&OD bonus tracks, "Mexican Drummer Man" and any (if they exist) other tracks from what would've been the third re-united TJB album ("Neverland," Desert Dance" and/or "Somewhere")...

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I think anything else should be for a future "rarities" release instead. If any further rarities have survived--we have no idea what is remaining, or if the masters even still exist.

The album already has an identity with its current track lineup, and saves folks from asking, "Which Lost Treasures do I have?"

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At the risk of starting reruns early, LOST TREASURES - as is - delete anything Shout!, add HAP.


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At the risk of starting reruns early, LOST TREASURES - as is - delete anything Shout!, add HAP.
While that's a nice and concise phrase, it doesn't answer a number of questions that I and other fans will wonder about. I've already brought up the booklet. Will it or won't it? Other than the logo and copyright info on the rear, the rest of the booklet is free of "Shout" references.

Will the packaging conform to the previous HAP releases with a pocket for the disc? If the booklet stays, will it have its own pocket?

I suppose the "Herb Alpert Signature Series" references will go away, yes?

Well, it's still somewhat early. Perhaps you don't know the answers to these "pressing questions". If not, we'll forgive you. :)
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