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Make Your Own Kind Of Music


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Eighth episode... F is for Fifth Dimension, and they are performing "Time and Love."

(I have only audio, unfortunately, so I can tell you only what I hear.)


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Okay, this is really weird. On the eighth episode... for the letter I, they did an "interview" (I think this is Patchett and Tarses?) and the interviewer is interviewing some "hip" stand-up comedian, who says:

"Come on folks, these are the jokes, give me a break, I'm a veteran. I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing."

Is this related to the "These Are the Jokes" segment on the first TV special in 1976? :eek:


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This is hilarious. I just ordered the remaining 7 episodes of MYOKOM.

Here's how episode 2 begins:

Announcer: "A is for announcement!"
Richard: Hi, I'm Richard Carpenter, and this little lady to my right here is my sister, not my wife. Now, quite a few people think Karen and I are married, and...
Karen: Blech!
*Then Richard and Karen sing "Make Your Own Kind of Music" -- different audio than what we're used to.*

I would pay good money just to see that clip! :laughup:

Richard does a very close version in the 1972 Australian concert.
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