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New Documentary Coming...


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This is exciting. I have seen Carnie Wilson on the talk show The Talk over the last several years. Maybe they will have her back on and she can name drop the documentary?!
Kristin Chenoweth is in there too it looks like 👍 she is another popular name who can potentially help the documentary get some recognition. I have been a fan of her work... she is a classical Opera singer, a Broadway star and an actress.


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You had me until Kristen Chenoweth was mentioned. I'm sure she was a fan and inspired by The Carpenters, but she's not my cuppa. Anyway, this looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!!


I'm excited to hear this. I appreciate any effort to bring Karen greater recognition. I know she has millions of adoring fans all over the world, but somehow I still feel Karen hasn't gotten the recognition she deserves. I'm not sure these feelings are justified, and I don't know what level of recognition would satisfy me, but I just can't shake this feeling.


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Looks like Randy Schmidt is involved in the new documentary judging by the hashtag...

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