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The Carpenters Mysterious 1977 Tour

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Brian's post today in another thread reminded me of the b & w video of the duo's appearance at the Chevron Hotel in Sydney, Australia in 1972. Then I wondered if they had ever toured Australia again, and looking at their touring schedules in leadsister.com was surprised that they had been there in 1977 as well. Which brings me to this question. Is there anything out there; YT video, radio interviews, print interviews/articles, CDs, DVDs, etc; concerning anything about their 1977 tour? There just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information about it.

Their 1977 Tour Schedule according to leadsister.com;

August 2nd-15th, Harrah’s Club, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
October 12th-2lst, Tour of Japan.
November 2nd and 3rd, Manila, Philippines.
November 5th-l7th, Tour or Australia
November 24th and 25th, Sheraton Ballroom. Honolulu, Hawaii.
December 24 through January 4, MGM Grand – Las Vegas, Nevada


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I actually had no idea they were touring Australia (or Japan) in 1977! For some reason I thought they spent the year recording Passage (which took 3 months alone) and recording tracks and for the forthcoming Christmas TV special.


I Know My First Name Is Stephen
As I have posted elsewhere, MOST of those concerts were CANCELED:
"September 1977...Fan Club Newsletter #55: All Japanese, Manilla and Australian concerts and the two scheduled for Hawaii have been canceled due to a much needed rest ordered by their doctor. "
Thank you, that now makes more sense!
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