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The TjB compilation that never existed.

TW, checking Caravanserai at the moment:

Nope, still not on Amazon "Unlimited." The main reason I use that service is, it's the only one I've found that will just sit there and play for days on end without stopping. We use it for background music at the auto parts store -- it plays on an old computer that is used for virtually nothing else. All the other streamers I've tried will start bugging you with "Are you still there?" after an hour or two and then shut off if you don't answer. Disclaimer: I haven't tried the "paid" version of all of them. Sirius XM does the "Are you there" routine, as does Pandora. iHeart's free version does it too(and plays ads for competing parts chain, so they're out!). I haven't tried Spotify or Apple Music.
I've run Qobuz all day long on an extensive playlist and never had it stop on me unless my connection dropped. It also has a "radio" option where, after your album or playlist stops, it will play similar music.

I think the paid Pandora only needs a nudge once every few hours to know someone is still there--it costs money to deliver bandwidth. The free version has ads, and that was annoying.
How about this?

Winds Of Barcelona
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Spanish Flea
It Was A Very Good Year
Bean Bag
Shades of Blue
The Happening
Girl Talk
I'll Be Back
If You Could Read My Mind
I Might Frighten Her Away

Just being silly.
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