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TV alert: Two shows on Thursday 1/17/19


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The celebrity bio channel Reelz is airing two shows this Thursday. They tend to feature Behind the Music-type profiles of actors, musicians etc. that you also might see on the A&E Biography channel and always feature rare vintage clips of interviews and performances. This week they are focusing on music icons from the 70s. The first show is a regular one-hour Reelz series with the rather morbid title Autopsy: The Last Hours of... and features shows on artists like David Bowie, John Denver, Amy Winehouse, Maurice Gibb etc.. The episode is listed as being from 2019 and the subject Thursday is Karen. The description on the Reelz website says, "Forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd uses the official autopsy report to reexamine the tragic death of singer Karen Carpenter. She was known to have had a history of eating problems, but as Shepherd delves into her past and talks to those who knew her, he uncovers a world of drugs that she not only kept from the public, but also her nearest and dearest."

Granted this might not be for everyone but I'm sure it will be of interest to many. It airs on DirecTV at 4 PM Pacific time and repeats at 9 PM, and then again Sunday morning. I don't know about Dish Network or various cable companies so check your listings.

Immediately following that is Karen Carpenter: Goodbye To Love, a two-hour show from 2016. A partial description — see the longer one on Reelz— describes it as: "Karen Carpenter: Goodbye to Love is a two hour documentary special about the 1970s star from the easy listening group, The Carpenters. Karen Carpenter was an icon of her generation but while The Carpenters clocked more than 80 million record sales behind the scenes she was battling with Anorexia Nervosa. With interviews from both close friends and The Carpenters insiders, Karen Carpenter: Goodbye to Love digs deep into Karen’s often difficult and complex relationship with her mother Agnes and older brother Richard and shows her struggles with a grueling concert schedule that had her performing more than 200 times a year. Viewers will also see Karen through her failed solo album and an even more disastrous marriage." This airs once Thursday at 5 PM Pacific and also repeats Sunday morning along with the other show.

I realize there will be some who want only to focus on her incredible talent and joy she continues to bring into our lives with the music, but like the format of the VH-1 show Behind the Music, her struggles with her personal internal demons and hiding the pain she was going through emotionally for so many years was a part of who she was, along with the sweet smile and angelic voice. I'm just letting those who might be interested know these are airing. I am sure it will be emotional viewing...


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Thanks for letting us know.

Goodbye to Love is indeed emotional viewing. It was one of the first documentaries I ever watched about Karen (I listened to Carpenters music for years before I really knew much about R&K themselves) and it was both very interesting and difficult to watch.
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