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Who Has The Largest Sergio Mendes Collection?

Discussion in 'Look Around: Sergio Mendes/Brazilian Music Forum' started by Cortnee, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Cortnee

    Cortnee Member Thread Starter

    How many cds/records/tapes do you have?
    How many Sergio Mendes concerts have you seen?
    How many autographs do you have?
    How many photographs?
    How many songbooks?
    How many tourbooks?
    How many miscellaneous memorabilia items?
  2. LPJim

    LPJim Well-Known Member Moderator

    Good questions:
    1 ) eight/ fifteen LPs, 2 45s/zero
    2 ) none
    3 ) none
    4 ) none
    5 ) none
    6 ) none
    7 ) none
    8 ) Not I, but It's a worthy goal to shoot for.
  3. Fun question. I would like to list of loot for Alpert from some members as well.

    My paltry collection-
    1) 25 cds/5 lps-3 45s/1 concert vhs
    2) none
    3) none
    4) none
    5) none
    6) none
    7) none
  4. Mike

    Mike Active Member

    44 CDs

    From "Dance Moderno" to the recently released 2-fer "Sergio Mendes/Magic Lady".

    1 concert: Sergio Mendes & Brasil 2004, at the Blue Note, in Tokyo, Japan.
  5. cleveland mike

    cleveland mike New Member

    Very interesting question. Personally, I no longer have any LP's ,as I took them all to a landfill about 10 years ago. I have 24 Sergio CD's , including what I believe to be a very rare 4 CD compilation from PolyGram Brasil from the late 1990's. It includes quite an extensive book, in Portuguese, with many great pictures. My favorite is one where Sergio and Frank Sinatra are sharing a drink. You may be interested to know that I found this at the HMV store at the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum(of all places) in downtown Cleveland about 6 years ago. Considering I went there under protest,I despise rock-n-roll,it turned out to be a great day! As far as live performances go, I have been to three, the summer of 1970(maybe 71), fall of 1986(maybe 87) and April of 2005. All were here in Cleveland. [/i]
  6. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    Let's see...

    I've got everything from HERB ALPERT PRESENTS forward -- all on LP and CD, except for CONFETTI which I only have on LP, and everything from ARARA onward I have on CD only. The album I have the most copies of is STILLNESS -- I have one 8-track, four LPs, and two CDs of it (one still sealed).

    No singles except one of "Never Gonna Let You Go" and one of "Love Music."

    I do have the 4-disk set mentioned by Cleveland, and I agree it's an awesome set. It contains just enough of a sampler of Sergio's pre-A&M music to let me know I don't really need to collect all of it.

    As for other compilations, I also have the two-CD "Very Best of Brasil 66" set that was issued in the UK a few years ago (and is also highly recommended) and the best-of called "The Swinger from Rio" (not as good) and "Songs selected by Shinkiki (or something like that) from Japan. Out of the domestic compilations, I have FOURSIDER and CLASSICS but I don't have GREATEST HITS.

    No autographs, no memorabilia, no tourbooks, but no surprise since I'm in Montana which is probably last on the list of places Sergio would ever get to.

    My most recent Mendes acquisition is the self-titled A&M album from '84 (the one with "Never Gonna Let You Go" on it) which I got from Amazon for $22.99. Just arrived today.

    I also have about a half-dozen homemade compilations which probably get just as much play from me as the original albums do.

    Best collection in the forum? I'd lay my money on Harry, who probably hasn't weighed in yet because he's still counting his records! :wink:
  7. How many cds/records/tapes do you have?

    52 CD albums / 2 CD copies of albums I don't own / 2 CD singles
    40 LP albums / 2 12" vinyl singles / 10 singles + 1 Japanese single
    1 cassette album / several VHS tapes of copies of TV stuff Sergio's been in

    How many Sergio Mendes concerts have you seen?

    Just 1

    How many autographs do you have?


    How many photographs?

    No real photographs - a few digital scans on the computer

    How many songbooks?


    How many tourbooks?


    How many miscellaneous memorabilia items?



    I'd bet my money on Jon (Brasil Nut), Jeff (JMK), or Steve Sidoruk.

    ...finished counting for now, online...
  8. Steve Sidoruk

    Steve Sidoruk Founder, A&M Fan Net Moderator

    While I'm not really sure that size matters here...

    How many cds/records/tapes do you have?

    CD3 - 1 (import)
    CD (import) - 16
    CD (U.S.) - 10
    CD Promo - 2
    CD Singles - 2 (1 US/1 import)
    CD Box Set - 1 (import Grandes Nomes)
    Jukebox LLP - 3
    Forget Me Nots/Memories re-issue singles - 4
    45s (U.S.) - 38
    45s/EPs (import) - 11
    Albums (U.S.) - 33 (1 autographed)
    Albums (promo) - 1 Night & Day
    Albums (import) - 17
    12 Inch Singles - 5
    LP Radio Show - 1
    Open Reel Tapes - 5
    Audio tapes of early TV appearances
    Video tapes / DVDs of archive material - TV appearances, etc.

    How many Sergio Mendes concerts have you seen?

    5, including original Brasil '66 opening for TJB- June 1966

    How many autographs do you have?


    How many photographs?

    How many songbooks?
    5 Sheetmusic

    How many tourbooks?


    How many miscellaneous memorabilia items?

    Not sure that I have remembered everything???

    Despite my large collection, there is no question that we are ALL big fans of Sergio!
  9. Captain Bacardi

    Captain Bacardi Well-Known Member Moderator

    I can spell Sergio Mendes correctly - does that count? :laugh:

    Capt. Bacardi
  10. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    Only if you can also spell his first hit song correctly. :wink:
  11. I've got all the albums on either vinyl or CD (excepting DANSE MODERNO and a few of the Brasil '65s....I own one songbook....no singles, no memorabilia, just a few photos.....saw him once in about '77, once or twice in the late 80's and 90's and a bunch of dates last year.....but I know I can't hold a candle to you guys!!!.......
  12. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    1. LP's: 11 on A&M, (9 Original, 2 Compilations--One Comp. is a Double) 2 on Elektra, 2 on Bell; 15, Total!

    45's: 2 (Both are different versions of ONE song)

    CD's: 0

    Tapes: 0

    2. Concerts I've Seen: 0, though I was close to seeing at least 2...

    3. Autographs: 0

    4. Photographs: 0

    ...Though I've never had the chance to meet him....

    5. Sheet Music/Songbooks: 1 --You should have told me you were looking for Sergio, Sergio, Sergio: I sold it...!!

    6. Tourbooks: 0 --Though I'll pick one up if I see him...!

    7. Miscellaneous/Memorabilia Items: 0 --You'd think something would show up at the Record Shows that I go to...

    8. ...Er, not me--but my collection is the SMALLEST! :D


    ...Coventry Calls...!! :wink:
  13. Chris Martin

    Chris Martin New Member

    I'm *abashed*. I've got everything from Herb Alpert Presents onward on vinyl including some odd-ish compilations (the double Portrait Of/ the Mayfair Night and Day/ Introducing). Are any of these rare or has e-bay put an end to my fantasy that I have anything desirable left in my collection?
  14. This has got me thinking (and this is obviously a different thread), but who would have the most cmplete A&M Records collection out of this group or otherwise? I mean, let's just talk albums - that's thousands of them.......
  15. Mr Bill

    Mr Bill Lego Master Model Builder Moderator

    A&M Guy, I'm going to go out on a limb and say LPJim. He stores them in A&M SP order and is a reliable source of info on anything A&M related. He also collects A&M 45s in the same manner.

    Steve Sidoruk, and sometime visitor Randy Kosht have fairly extensive A&M collections as well, as does she-who-shall-not-be-named.

    My LP collection spans 13 of those 30" wide crates the record shops sold back in the days of vinyl. I'd venture a guess that nine to 10 of my 13 crates are A&M or affiliated label products. I.R.S. is the affiliate of which I have the most.

    --Mr Bill
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  16. Mr Bill

    Mr Bill Lego Master Model Builder Moderator

    Cortnee asked:
    How many cds/records/tapes do you have? 3/13/2, 8 45s (7 ps)
    How many Sergio Mendes concerts have you seen? 1 (2002 -- met Steve S there)
    How many autographs do you have? 4
    How many photographs? 3 -- me with Sergio, Steve S with Sergio and one of both of us with him (plus copies of some of Steve's pics from the concert. Steve could easily be a pro photog like me if he wanted to be)
    How many songbooks? 0
    How many tourbooks? 0
    How many miscellaneous memorabilia items? none that I can think of
    WHO IS THE BIGGEST SERGIO MENDES FAN IN THIS FORUM? I'd vote for JMK and Brasil Nut off the top of my head

    --Mr Bill
  17. JMK

    JMK Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thank you, thank you very much (isn't there a pic in that Grandes Nomes set of Sergio with Elvis, or have I really jumped head first into the Twilight Zone?) :)
  18. I bet Jon (Brasil Nut) , JMK and Cortnee.

    All the best ,
    Aqua do Brasil
  19. I think it's JMK, or maybe, "Brasil Nut"... If Myriam Aldana were a member of this forum, she would be the biggest Sergio Mendes fan here... Myriam has more than 3,000 items related to Sergio Mendes.
  20. Cortnee

    Cortnee Member Thread Starter

    Well then why not talk Myriam into becoming a member ofthis MAGICAL MENDES forum then? Hmmmmm............
  21. Mhhh... it's difficult for me to get in touch with Myriam Aldana these days... I met her in a concert in Mexico City four years ago, but now she's said to be living in Cancún...
  22. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    I think I'll burn myself 3,000 copies of STILLNESS this weekend, then I will have a bigger collection than "Myriam."
  23. JMK

    JMK Well-Known Member Contributor

    I really don't have that big of a "collection." Just a lot of love for the music. :)
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  24. kenny

    kenny Member

    I have the biggest Sergio Mendes collection. I have all six of his albums.
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  25. I agree with JMK; for me, it's more about a love for the music rather than a quantity. I don't care much for his work after the '60s, so I concentrate on the seminal albums of Brasil '66.

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