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Regarding the 12-inch Single of the Week series--we ran this briefly while covering A&M 12-inch singles, and I haven't heard or don't own all of them, so it's only logical that I open up the series to 12-inch singles from any label. I primarily prefer 12-inchers from the mid 70s to the mid 80s, but may occasionally feature the odd single beyond the 80s that is worth covering. There will be no chronological order to these.

I'll try to include links to the music where possible. Some may be from my own collection and others (if acceptable quality) will be chosen from YouTube. Both commercially available 12-inch singles and notable promos will be included. 12-inch singles were largely known to have unique mixes or featured extended versions not available on the album, but some contain album versions on both sides. Some were also available only as promotional releases, with unique versions not found on any other format. Many of these singles were notable for how good they sounded on well-configured systems--engineers could cut these records hotter, and sometimes added a little extra in mastering to give the record some punch.

The series begins tomorrow morning.

Notable recommendation:

One series of CDs I have enjoyed are the Ben Liebrand "Grand 12-Inches" sets, which are usually four CDs and contain the 12-inch single versions, many of which have been lost to time. The series is up to nineteen volumes as of this writing.

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