🎵 12" SotW Jimmy "Bo" Horne -- "Spank" b/w "I Wanna Go Home with You" (Sunshine Sound SSD 205 / SSD 206)

Jimmy "Bo" Horne
"Spank" b/w "I Wanna Go Home with You"

Original mix:
Sunshine Sound SSD 205
Released 1978

Special Disco Re-Mix:
Sunshine Sound SSD 206
Released 1979

SSD 205
A1: Spank / 6:10
B1: I Wanna Go Home With You / 3:35

SSD 206
A1: Spank (Special Disco Re-Mix) / 7:00
B1: I Wanna Go Home With You / 3:55

1696206923688.png 1696206887742.png

This release has an interesting history. First, the songs' production and record label are Sunshine Sound, the home of Harry Casey and Richard Finch (KC & The Sunshine Band). So there is a lot of that Miami/south Florida vibe to it. Second, it was released in these two versions. The first version SSD 205 predated the album it would eventually be released on by a year. This one starts cold with a single drum hit. The better-known version, and the one that would appear on the album in slightly edited form was released as SSD 206, which starts with the electric keyboard opening we are all familiar with.

I had seen Jimmy "Bo" Horne in concert when he was on a three-act tour with Stephanie Mills and the headliner KC & The Sunshine Band, in either 1979 or 1980.

For now, here is an upload of SSD 206, and it unfortunately has the same distortion on all the videos I've found.

I have SSD 205 and will get around to doing a proper needle drop of it soon. I do have a digital version of SSD 206 that I should locate and upload as well.
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